3 Basic Steps for Using the Internet to Grow Your Network Marketing Business

paula mckinney, home based business, network marketing, wahm, network marketing online, work at home, busy professionals, mlm, direct sales, freedom businessIt’s a beautiful thing when you are positioned for growth in your network marketing business.

It’s more fun when you can wake up and find your email full of people wanting to talk to you about your direct sales product or service.

How would you like that?


Using the Internet can attract customer and prospects coming to you.  You become the hunted instead of the hunter.  Isn’t that more fun than begging uninterested people to take a look at what your selling?


There are three things that you must have in place to attract prospects and buyers to you.



1.  Your Point of Contact – this is where the prospect finds you on the Internet from content or ads you’ve created or from the social networking sites you’ve visited.



2. The Prospect then Gives You Permission to Communicate  –   After prospects find you online, they’re led to your lead capture pages, blog, or website.  This is typically not your company generated website but one you have created to brand YOU that has a capture form to collect their contact information.


Prospects fill out your lead capture form and you have another prospect added to your list.


Now that your prospect has given you permission to communicate with them, it gives you the chance to build a relationship and to sell to this person without ever chasing them.



3.  This is where you have to offer value.  This gives you the privilege to place your offers in front of your prospects.  The key is to provide valuable information (free or low cost), like blog posts, sharing  books, or recorded trainings that benefit your prospect.  The higher value you offer to the marketplace the more the marketplace pays you back.



Some of this can be done through email automation by using an autoresponder (AR). It’s simply a series of prewritten emails that are sent to the prospect once they opt in to your capture page.



Your offers can include your business products and services.   But, don’t spam your list
everyday.  Use this opportunity to grow relationships.   Give more than you take.


For example, this week I posted a simple inexpensive ad on a mom’s website for my business.  A lady opted into my email capture page. She followed my marketing funnel (full of value) and signed up to try my company’s product for free.  I gave her a call to see how I could help.


The next day she signed as one of my customers all by herself.  And, I never had to convince or sell her on my business, my online marketing did it for me.  In fact, I was at my son’s basketball game while my  system was making money for me.


My prospect followed the three simple steps and became my customer.

Once you have someone’s phone number pick up the phone and connect.  This one step will set you apart from the crowd, because most people don’t do this.


In marketing it can take 5-12 times for a prospect to be exposed to what you are offering before they buy.  This is where you have to be consistent and patient.  It’s their timing not yours.   This is why you need to be filling your pipeline with new prospects everyday and stay in the game.


Using these three steps and commit to a long term strategy will create wild success in your business!


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