3 Ways to Grow Your Business During the Holiday Season

paula mckinney, home based business, network marketing, wahm, network marketing online, work at home, busy professionals, mlm, direct sales, freedom businessThis time of year can feel very overwhelming with family obligations, Christmas shopping, cleaning for company and trying to keep sales going in your network marketing and direct sales business.

I know this can be tough, but don’t make the mistake of quitting your business during this season.

Use this time as an opportunity for future growth and extra product sales.

You CAN make the most of the holiday season by simply redirecting your focus.


Here are three ways to grow your business during the holiday season:


1.  Use this time to get more organized and update your contact manager.   Ask your warm market for their current phone number and address.    This is a great time to send a Christmas card to build strong relationships.

Reconnect with business building prospects to update their information.  Tell them you are gearing up for next year and want to keep them updated on any company changes and team successes.

Get your systems organized.    Get rid of what isn’t serving you in your business.  Use the KISS method.  Keep it Simple Silly.   Don’t get caught in the small details,  keep your vision and your daily action plan in front of you.


2.  Use this as an opportunity to reconnect with your customers and team.

This is a great time to continue to build a solid relationship with your team and your customers by  saying thank you for their support.   A card and a small gift of thanks will help them see how much you really appreciate them.

Send them a catalog.   Check to see if they understand how to order and give them last minute gift ideas.

This will no doubt give you some extra sales and help keep the momentum going come January.

This week I reached out to one of my customers on Facebook to let her know she had unused points in her account that she could use for Christmas shopping.

She told me the only reason she hasn’t used them was because of a simple
technology challenge.  We fixed the obstacle and the next day she purchased product.

So keep in touch with your customers.  It’s a win-win for both of you!


3.  Review the past year and reflect on your successes and failures.

No business owner has ever created success without some failures.  Usually more failures than successes!   Look back and learn from these mistakes but don’t dwell on them.

Time is money, so evaluate where you had time suckers.   Cut out what kept you from moving forward.

And most importantly, celebrate your successes.   Maybe you haven’t reached your money goal yet, but celebrate what you’ve learned and what you overcame.

The joy really is in the journey.


Here are some questions you can ask yourself to make next year a fabulous one:

What can I change that I do daily that will make the most of my time?

How can I better recognize team members and customers in the next year?

How am I going to celebrate myself when I reach a goal or overcome an obstacle?

We (especially woman) typically do not give ourselves enough acknowledgement for our successes, and this is a critical key to keeping yourself motivated and in action.


Help your team reflect and prepare for the next year and watch your organization grow!


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To Your Success!

Paula McKinney

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