5 Steps to Achieve Any Goal You Want

paula mckinney, success, goals, network marketing, mlmMy latest favorite podcast is Sean Stephenson’s The Model Health Show.  With his sound advice and smooth voice, he’s easy to listen to!


He  speaks from the heart about health and nutrition but with a lot of motivation sprinkled in.


Lately, he spoke about 5 steps to achieve any goal you want.


Here they are…


1.  Write down your goals and why you want to achieve them.  Don’t edit your list.  Take the next 2 or 3 days and write down a hundred goals.  These could be big goals or small ones that have been gnawing at you, like hanging up the curtains.  Write them all down so your mind can start to work on them.

2.  Ask yourself and be very specific on how can you accomplish each goal.  Ask yourself  if it was impossible to fail how would I go about doing it, and as soon as you ask yourself that take out a pencil and piece of paper and write down in 15 minutes how you’re going to accomplish that goal with very specific tasks.   You have to be specific so you can tell your brain exactly what to do.  Your brain needs laser focused instructions so it knows what to focus on everyday.  In network marketing, it’s not enough to say I want to get to the next rank, you have to say I want to be a diamond and this is how I’m going to do it.

3.  Write down your plans but know it may change.  You need to physically write it down with a pen and paper.  Doing this is 10 times more effective than putting in your computer or phone.  Know exactly what you are going to do everyday to move toward that goal, but know you may need to make adjustments along the way.

4.  Watch out for self sabotage.   There is a strange phenomenon among entrepreneurs. Once they find something that works and teaches it to their tribe, they start wondering whether there is something better and stop doing the last thing  they taught.  Stay consistent with your daily action plan.  Fear of failure or success may be what is derailing you from your plan.

5.   Know that there will be obstacles in the process of reaching your goals but keep moving forward.    Your steps to success will be rocky.  Just know that in the beginning and when they do come you are prepared to just keep going.  Anyone who mastered anything failed over and over.  Your goals are no exception.  It’s just part of the process.


Each goal that you write down will have it’s own time frame.  Some of your goals will have to be worked in increments depending on how big it is.  That’s why it’s great to write down small ones that you can accomplish in a day or two.  This will fuel the fire and give you a feeling of accomplishment.


I hope this helps you to get your goals on paper and create some success in your life and business.  Enjoy the journey!


To Your Success!

Paula McKinney

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