5 Steps to Social Networking Success

Here are five steps to social networking success:

1. Make those profiles and create those groups!  Go to the popular sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook before someone else takes your name.  Google lesser known sites as well and claim your name.

2. Use Google’s Open Social ID program.  This tool allows you to create a social networking profile.  With a click of a mouse your new profile is filled in.

3. Go to these sites and participate!   Read some comments first and get to know the participants, and where the conversation is headed.  Pretend you’re at a party when you join a site.  Be appropriate and don’t forget your manners!  Be authentic, listen first, then respond.  You wouldn’t walk into a party of people, interrupt, and yell out your business opportunity.  So don’t do it online.

4. Use your blog to build a following.  Don’t just be a taker.  Leave comments on other blogs you enjoy.  Simply leave your signature with your name and website after each comment.  Don’t forget you are branding yourself so don’t act like the party idiot.  Be positive and create interest that makes people want to get to know you better and see what you are all about.

5. Use a social media dashboard.  Manage multiple networks all in one place.   There are many to choose from, just pick one you like.  I currently use HootSuite.  It’s free for up to five social media websites.  It allows you to see all your streams at once, post to all your sites in one click, and even schedule posts throughout the day.  Great time saver!

Use social media websites and communities to participate worldwide.  Build your brand and your business for free!  Get a social media plan and incorporate it into your day.  30 minutes to an hour everyday can grow your business and generate customers and leads that you can never reach offline.   And, it’s fun!


To Your Success!


Paula McKinney

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4 thoughts

    1. Hello Miguela! Depending on where you are in your business and skill level is where you would start. If you are new to social media, pick one site like Facebook to begin connecting (not spamming) and building relationships with others. Depending on what you are trying to do for your business, dictates who you connect with and market to. Get to know people, be sincere, add value to their life and be attractive to others. When you get on social media, have a time limit and interact like you are at a party. Be yourself and have fun, people will ask you what you do and then you can share. If you find someone on Twitter that you would like to connect more with, go find them on Facebook. Twitter is more fast paced and “drive by”. Facebook allows you to really find out more about each other. Remember, social media is just another tool for your success bag. Don’t stop calling leads and waste all your time in the drama that social media can create. Social media is powerful, use it!

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