6 Reasons Why Professional Women are Fleeing Corporate World for Direct Sales

direct sales, network marketing, paula mckinney, mlm, home based business, busy professionalsThere’s a trend in direct sales and network marketing around the world.   Busy professional women are ditching their corporate jobs for a career in network marketing that is breaking records.

In the last 10 years women are leaving the corporate world and starting their own businesses outnumbering the men by 3:1.

According to the US Department of Commerce from 1997-2007 women business owners grew 44%.  That’s over 400 women a day in the US joining direct sales and network marketing.  This trend is being echoed in other countries like Europe, Australia, Canada, and around the world. But what is really motivating these women?…

Sonya Stringer of Savvy Network Marketing Women, shares what is motivating these women and why they make amazing business partners for your network marketing business.

I was honored to meet Sonya (on the far left) at the Association of Network Marketing Professionals Annual Event.  She’s known as “The Women’s Business Coach”.

paula mckinney, network marketing, mlm, direct sales, busy professional women


Motivation #1:  More Work-Life Balance

In direct sales women have more control over their schedule and love the idea of being able to schedule work around the kid’s soccer game or a yoga class.   Blending business with family and life is much easier when you’re the boss.


Motivation #2:   Independent but Part of a Team

They have independence to run their business how it fits them, but also be a part of team and community of other women for support and encouragement.   Deep, lasting friendships come from these teams that are naturally attractive to women.


Motivation #3:  Low Start-Up Cost and Monthly Overhead

To start a network marketing business is so super simple.  With the low entry cost and minimal monthly overhead there is low risk financially to the family.   Women don’t have to choose whether to save for the kid’s college or start a business.   And these days with the Internet serving customers is a snap.   They can buy directly from the company.   No need to pack a garage full of product and pay for shipping.


Motivation #4:   Cool Rewards and Incentives

Everyone likes to be recognized for their achievements.   Most corporate jobs can take and never give.   Network marketing companies are generous with cash bonuses, trips, and even cars.


Motivation #5:  Goodbye Glass Ceiling

Unfortunately, in the corporate world incomes are still uneven between men and women.  It’s very disheartening for a women to work as hard as a man in the same position and make less money.  In direct sales their are no limits to the exciting income for any women in the world!


Motivation #6:  Get Paid Very Well Being the Best Version of Yourself

To make it to the top of corporate most women have to leave their grace and feminine traits at the door.  In network marketing being feminine, gracious, and in touch with your emotions are highly encouraged.


It’s very smart to expose your business to busy professional women but you need to know what motivates them.  A career in network marketing/direct sales/mlm is more than making money.  It’s a way for women to balance and blend time with family and celebrate who they really are AND make a difference in the world.

So… what smart professional women are on your list to contact today?  Many are just waiting for your solution.

To Your Success!

Paula McKinney

network marketing, wahm, home business, mlm, paula mckinney

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