6 Steps to MLM Online Success

mlm, network marketing success online, online business, paula mckinney, freedom business, network marketing onlinePeople often ask me, “How do you market your MLM business online?”.


The number one piece of advice that I can share about going online and marketing your MLM business and prospecting on social media is be consistent and have patience.



Rome wasn’t built overnight.  Building an online business takes time.


It’s a pretty simple 6 step system to follow for growing an online business:


1. Blog often and consistently.  You need your own piece of Internet real estate.  A blog or website that is going to give you a voice.  This is not your company website.  A blog is a way to share a video or piece of content that adds value to your prospects.  It really only takes 20-30 minutes a day when you get the hang of it.


2.  Market you content and blog posts.  Let the world know about it through social media and other forms of syndication.



3.  Build a list of email subscribers who want to hear from you. This builds you a following and gets people back to your blog.



4.  Respect your list by nurturing the relationship.  Give value to them daily through your blog posts and email content.



5.  Connect and engage with your list.   Connect on social media.  On occasion market your services or products to your list.  They are on your list for a reason and usually want what you are offering.



6.  Personally grow and learn.  Take time everyday to work on your education and personal development.  This will help you stay motivated and give you ideas for your blog posts.



How long do you have to do these steps before making $1000, $5000, or $10,000 a month?


Blogging online and building a list of buyers takes time.  Your success depends on your daily action plan and commitment.

Online marketing and prospecting for your MLM business is like a marathon, not a sprint.


When you first start blogging it may seem like nothing is happening.  You may get frustrated and want to quit.  Most people do!


Success comes to those who stick and stay.  It may take 90 days,  6 months, or even a year to build your list of hungry buying prospects.


Online business success is directly related to your long term commitment and dedication.



Isn’t that what most businesses are built on?


To  Your Online Success,


Paula McKinney

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  1. Consistency and patience–I agree wholeheartedly. I’ve been patient about a lot of things and realized recently that I need to be patient with my IM blog. Just started back on it, ready to be consistent. Thanks for your input.

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