7 Habits of a Highly Effective Network Marketer

There are 7 business building habits of a highly effective network marketer that will help you build your team, your customers, and your paycheck!

Do these daily and watch your business grow, it’s that simple. If you’re just starting out or are stuck, commit to these actions for 90 days.

Pick 3-5 marketing methods that fit your personality and stick with those the first few months. This helps you to stay focused.

7 Habits to Help You Succeed in Direct Sales/MLM/Network Marketing


    1. Build Relationships and Grow Your Network – The success of your business depends on building relationships. Put yourself out there. Finding networking events in your area is a great expand your “circle of influence”. Joining a local chamber of commerce, or even a wine tasting club is a way to connect with other people and the people they know.


    1. Create Immediate Income With Personal Sales – Retailing your product or signing up members for you services is a big part of a successful business. Showing and modeling how to make “right now money” for your team will make sure no money is left on the table and will help keep the momentum going for you and your team.


    1. Build a Loyal Customer or Member Base – People love direct sales. It gives the member a personal buyer to help them select great products and services that are offered through this industry. Discounted products are delivered right to customer’s door and services are provided by a trained professional that can guide members to receive quality services like health care, or legal services.


    1. Present your product through a home party or your service at a local event – Home parties are a great way to share your product and plant seeds throughout your presentation. These “seeds” are simple messages that can engage your guests toward sales, a decision to host a party with you, or even join your business.

      Same with local events to let others know about a great service. There are many local. free, and low cost events that allow business owners to rent a table or area for promotion. This is also a fun way to get out there and build your network.

    2. Sponsor and Build a Team– Sponsoring and building into a team is an unselfish act of sharing with others an amazing opportunity and a hope for their future. Keeping your business a secret is like keeping a gift. Be proud of your opportunity and share it with as many people as you can. Network Marketing has changed so many lives and you have the gift of freedom just waiting to be shared! No salesy talk is needed, just allow others to see what you have and let them decide for themselves. You are not here to convince anyone about anything. This takes a lot of pressure off you and and your prospect.


    1. Provide Hands On Training and Provide a Model for Your Team – Hopefully organization that you’re a part of, or are looking to be a part of, has a simple system that new recruits can easily plug into. Getting partners started wrong can be a deal breaker.

Keep the first 30 days very simple and profitable for your new team member. They need encouragement and patience as they learn the first steps. Show them the fastest way to earn money and a marketing method they feel comfortable with.


  1. Gather Referrals – When you are at a home party, local business event, or even at a social gathering, ask for referrals. Letting others know about your business and simply ask the question “Do you know anyone who might be interested in…”. It is a very non-threatening question that most people are glad to help you with.

Often people want to know more about the product or service for themselves, some will know the perfect prospect for you, and some will say no, and that’s ok. Just open your mouth wherever you are and ask.The more you do it the easier it will get. Get excited about your product or service and people will get excited with you!


To Your Success!


Paula McKinney 


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