7 Mistakes that Cause People to Fail in a Home Based Business

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7 Mistakes in a Network Marketing Home Based Business

paula mckinney, home based business, network marketing, wahm, network marketing online, work at home, busy professionals, mlm, direct sales, freedom businessThere’s a lot of lessons on what to do in our network marketing home based business, but today I want to share some mistakes that can keep you from the success you want.

Some of these are from my own experiences and hope this will help you in achieving your goals, dreams, and income that you expect from your direct sales/network marketing business.


paula mckinney, home based business, network marketing, wahm, network marketing online, work at home, busy professionals, mlm, direct sales, freedom business



Mistake #1:  Waiting for your sponsor to call and tell you what to do.

The great thing about joining a network marketing team is that you really don’t have to have an amazing sponsor to succeed.  Reach above your sponsor and find someone on the team that can help direct you.    Reach out to them with lots of questions!  Team leaders are usually very busy, but love to help people who reach out to them.   People don’t know you need help until you ASK.

Don’t work your business on isolation island.   Go actively looking for support.  There’s no room for pity parties and blame in a successful business.

Almost every network marketing company has some form of training online.  Seek it out and get to work.  Jump on company leadership calls and join team Facebook groups to help you.     However, be honest with yourself.  If you’ve gone through the basic training, you know what to do.     Don’t overcomplicate the basics, just do them.  You will learn more by DOING.


Mistake #2:  Income Expectation are Unrealistic in the Beginning

Building a large residual income that allows us take fabulous vacations, to build our dream home, to send our kids to great schools, or to pay off some bad mistakes of the past is a dream for almost every network marketer.    The reality is that most people want it instantly and get frustrated when they realize how much time and effort that six figure residual income really takes in the beginning.

Incomes are so much tied to the individual and how committed and motivated they are to get the job done.  Most traditional businesses can take years to turn a profit.  We are fortunate that our industry allows us to turn a profit the very first month if we really want to.

Just remember, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.   Commit and decide from the beginning to stay in the game no matter what.   I don’t know how long it will take you to reach your income goals, but I know the journey (no matter how long or short it is) is worth it!

Mistake #3:  Quitting an advertising campaign too quickly.

Advertising is about repetition.    In this day and age, we have to be much more creative and fight for the attention of our busy, overwhelmed prospects.   A big mistake new distributors make is learning a new marketing strategy, implementing it a few days and then saying it doesn’t work.

To give you an example, I placed an ad on a work at home mom’s website.    I allowed that ad to sit on that site for months.   One prospect that opted in told me that the reason she waited so long to click on it was to see how serious I was about my business.   She kept seeing my ad week after week and knew I was in it for the long term.    Be patient with your advertising.

A great strategy is to work your way up to 5 different methods of advertising.  This may take months or even your first year to get really good at each one.   Take one method every 90 days and study and implement it consistently.  Continue to use it as you slowly learn new ones.   If you have 3-5 methods of advertising going on in your business you will have a steady stream of leads and a treasure box of knowledge to share with your team.


Mistake #4:  Not prepared for all the no’s and dream stealers.

You will without a doubt have people laugh at you or tell you “those things don’t work!”.  They will try and steal your dreams as fast as you can write them down.   These will more than likely be your close friends and family which will sting even more.

One way to avoid this is just don’t tell them.  You may be very sensitive to other’s opinions in the beginning while you build your belief about yourself, your company, and our industry.   This is normal and you need to give yourself permission to protect yourself from these dream stealers.

You don’t need permission from ANYONE to build your business and fulfill your own dreams.   That’s why it’s important to really evaluate who your true friends are and to start making new ones who have the same vision and goals you do or who a least support your decision.   There is absolutely no room in this type of business for approval addiction.

Approval addiction can also come by  getting very emotionally attached to prospects.  Control your emotions by using good responses rather than bad reactions.  Become aware of your feelings when you’re prospecting.   When you get off the phone write them down and reflect of how you can respond to them in a controlled manner.    As humans, we naturally want to be accepted and to be right.    But if you are controlled by these emotions you will have a hard time prospecting.


Mistake #5:  Not creating a working schedule.

This all comes back to vision and discipline.   I know in my house if it doesn’t get written down on the calendar it doesn’t get done.   These days  we’re all so busy with work and family that it’s easy for our schedule to take control of us instead of the other way around.

Get out a calendar and schedule your business working hours.  Don’t make this complicated just hold yourself accountable.   You’re going to be tired during the week and have a lot on your mind which makes it so easy to say you’ll call your prospects tomorrow.  And then a day turns into a week.   It’s like trying to eat right.  If you don’t plan your meals you will end up eating whatever is convenient instead of what’s good for you.

This will also create mental clutter and personal frustration.  You will feel defeated and powerless if you don’t do what you say you’re going to do.  So get it on the calendar and commit to it!  Treat your business like it’s going to pay you a six figure income because it will!

Mistake # 6:  Not knowing what you really want from life and you have no goals or solid action plan.


This was a big issue for me in the beginning.  I had no idea what I wanted my business to give me.  I knew I wanted time and financial freedom but I didn’t know what I wanted my day to day life to look like.

I got some coaching and learned how to write down my perfect day.  I was even coached to record my perfect day and listen to it while I was falling asleep.  (This is another huge topic. Just know that this is a powerful way of changing how your subconscious mind thinks.   It’s important because what your subconscious mind believes is what you achieve.  And it’s not some loopy goofy mind trick, it’s science! More later on that topic!)  This helped me so much to really “see” what I was working so hard for everyday.

Once you know what you want, you need a daily method of operation.  A daily action plan that is realistic long term.  If you have a full time job, you are with out a doubt going to have to cut something from your life to be able to fit in a part time “job”.   This is the reality and also one of the big road blocks for most people.   You can’t be ordinary to have the extraordinary.  Almost everyone can cut out 10 hours of tv a week.  It doesn’t serve you anyway!

Make an action plan that you can control.  You can’t control how many people sign into your organization but you can control how many people you expose to the business.   You can control how many ads or blog posts you make.   And know that when you’re consistent in your advertising, marketing, prospecting and learning you can’t help but succeed.


 Mistake #7: Quitting or starting and stopping your network marketing business.

This again comes from lack of vision mixed with a lack of discipline.   Look at your life, because how you do one thing is how you do everything.

  • Do you start an exercise program only to quit after a few days.
  • Do you start projects and never finish them?
  • Do you lack self motivation?
  • Do you do more for other’s personal well being than for yourself?

If you’ve worked for someone else your whole life and then become your own boss, you quickly find out who you really are.   You may have to start small to learn self discipline and self motivation.  Watch your daily habits and correct yourself.    You’re worth giving yourself your best!


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To Your Success!

Paula McKinney

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  1. If I may add a big reason in here per Mr. Eric Worre Author of “GO PRO”the greatest audio and book Ive ever heard on this profession, ” FAILURE TO DUPLICATE”!! What works is honestly doesn’t matter. What duplicates is all that matters!

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