Approval and Acceptance in Your Business

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People’s Opinions are Just That – “Opinions”.


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Then you have to lose the need for approval and acceptance.

This is one of the biggest roadblocks in network marketing.

New distributors approach their friends and family saying hey look what I did, now tell me I did the right thing.

You need the stance that you just know what you have and that no matter who disapproves you are going to move forward anyway.

People who do make a decision in their life then go from person to person  just so they can hear that they did a good job or made the right decision will usually never get it .  They  almost always  are setting themselves up for disappointment and discouragement.  People LOVE to give their opinions whether they know anything about it or not.

Most who hear about network marketing have a mental blueprint already.  They may have “tried” it for a month, didn’t make any money at it so they think it doesn’t work, or they may be very ignorant of how it all works.  But to listen to quitters or haters really doesn’t make sense does it?

This is where good training from the sponsor will help, especially if the new distributor has never been in sales and marketing before.

On the first training session set expectations and tell them a huge percentage of people will say no and/or be negative. This is true in any business.

You can approach your friends and family by simply notifying them that you are open for business and looking for referrals.  What you’re not seeking is approval and acceptance.



You don’t need anyone’s permission to follow your heart and fulfill your dreams.  Some of the greatest businessmen and women who have made millions also have the toughest  skin.   Just like an Olympic athlete who won the gold medal has the most scars and bruises.

They persevered through up and down emotions and probably felt more hurt than most people ever have because they’ve opened up and put themselves out there.


Your Ego and Feelings Can Keep You Broke and Unhappy

Your ego and feelings can be the biggest obstacles that you’ll face.  They want to protect you from looking stupid or getting hurt.

When you join a network marketing company you’ll be opening yourself up to criticism and will find yourself having to overcome.   But the rewards of doing something that no one says you can do  or proving to yourself that you can do it is more rewarding than serving your ego!  And you can make a great life that you design!

You owe it to yourself to stay committed to your own goals and dreams.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  I have been meeting more and more of my readers through social media and I have to say you guys are so inspiring to me!   You are unique and I love connecting with you!

I love my community and am rooting for you!  Never give up.

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To Your Success!

Paula McKinney
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