How to Get the Attention of Busy Prospects

busyIn 2009 I discovered Perry Marshall. He taught me the difference in Sales and Marketing.

He taught me a guaranteed way to capture the attention of prospects.

This is what he said:

“You will capture the attention of your customer when you enter the conversation already taking place inside their heads.”

“Winning products and marketing messages talk to people about things they’re already wanting and thinking about. They address irritations that have been lurking under the surface.  They solve problems that people have been laying awake at night wondering about and worrying about.”

A great example of this is marketing on the Internet.  Think about how you search for an answer on Google.  You type in your problem and Google gives you a solution.

That’s where you need to be in the marketing process of the billions of customers searching on the Internet.

When the timing is right for a customer to buy who do you think they will buy from?

1.  People who are advertising their product (ie: spamming their links on social media) or

2.  People who are giving value to the marketplace by learning what their prospects are struggling with and providing a solution with no strings attached? (like blogging and providing value to your readers.)

This is the marketing process that will capture the attention of your busy prospects and a lot more fun than spamming your opportunity by phone or email!

To Your Success!

Paula McKinney


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