How to Attract Busy Professionals into your Network Marketing Business

busy professionals, network marketing business, network marketing online, mlm business opportunity, paula mckinney, wahm, direct sales, business opportunityThe network marketing business model is a perfect fit for busy professionals.

These people should be at the top of your list to recruit into your network marketing business.

Everyone knows at least 5 people who have been successful in a high income career.

Doctors, lawyers, dentists, and even local business owners should be at the top of your list to expose to your business.


Most people struggle to approach these types.  When you first start your network marketing business, you tend to want to approach

broke people who have a lot of time on their hands.  These can be tough people to inspire and get to work.  They’re more than likely people who like to spend most of their time watching tv and lack self motivation.


Why A Network Marketing Business is Perfect for Busy People


Most busy professionals are go getters and have extra money to start a side business. They usually have a large network of people, are open to side business ventures and don’t mind putting in the work needed to get the job done.

These people have grit and determination.  They’ve had to work hard and overcome obstacles to get where they are.  Quitting is usually not an option for them and have a competitive edge that gets them to the top.

They love challenges and are great problem solvers.  These are the types that you don’t have to hold their  hand to work their business.  They challenge you as a leader to work harder and can often times pass their sponsor in the ranks of the company.  Wouldn’t that be a nice change instead of dragging people to the finish line?

Busy professionals also give up a lot of time freedom to have the lifestyle they want for their families.  Freedom from the daily grind is very attractive to busy people and why you should be talking to them about your network marketing business opportunity.


Some Painful Points for Busy People


When you’re interviewing your busy prospect, you’ll probably hear, “I’m just too busy to start a side business.  I already work 50-60 hours a week!”


If they say that, ask them this question, “Wow, how long do you have to do that??”


Help them see the power of residual income and the freedom they can get whether they work that month or not.  Corporate jobs come with bosses that don’t pay you unless you are trading your time for money.  Usually the professional is more loyal to the company than the company is loyal to them.   Busy professionals still have the fear of replacement with cheaper labor or younger blood.


Get to the bottom of their “WHY”


Most hard working people have a reason for working so hard.  Ask them why.  Maybe it’s providing for their kids college, or a nice house.  Ask them, “wouldn’t it be great if you could create passive income so you could actually spend quality time while making money?”  That’s the power of a home based network marketing business.

Remember, those busy people on your chicken list are some of the most stressed out individuals.   They could use a network marketing business that produces passive income that gives them options and time freedoms that a job can’t.


I challenge you to connect with a busy professional today and simply ask:

Are you open to a side income that won’t interfere with what you are currently doing?

Then ask them why.   Be a source of hope for them and help them reach their goals.

And remember, to attract professionals act like a professional!

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To Your Success,

Paula McKinney


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  1. I really really need the idea…coz we don’t want to waste our time with unpotential prospects better find a good ‘seeds’..

    Tq very much Paula…

  2. Wow!!! I am mesmerised by the content. Just wat I needed re-echoed to me and very timely. Keep up the good job. I will follow you on every social media platform coz I know I can pick on your thinking and learn alot. Wow!!! Regards from Zambia!!!

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