Use Attraction Marketing To Bring Prospects and Customers To You

Before I learned the principles of Attraction Marketing my MLM business came with debt, frustration, and no leads.

I saved my business, time, and money when I applied old methods with new technology and a new approach.

I stopped begging the wrong people to join my business and learned how to generate free leads online from people who were actually looking for a business opportunity.

What is Attraction Marketing and does it really work?

Attraction Marketing is about attracting prospects and customers to your business who contact you. They come to you because you have something to offer them of value.

The majority of the MLM representatives want something for nothing.

They “pitch” their company’s facts and information hoping that is going to make their prospects want to join them. Most people are turned off by this type of prospecting.

I remember being “prospected” by a friend.  I joined her in some coffee with one of her upline only to be talked at for an hour about facts and figures and the dozens of ways I could make money.  Not one time was I asked what I wanted from a business, what method fit my personality, or why I even wanted a business.  It was all about THEM.  Needless to say, it was a very UNattractive offer to me.

Relationship building and listening to what your prospect needs and wants, then giving them a solution to their problems is attractive.

When you believe in yourself and what you have to offer that’s attractive.

When you present yourself as a leader who is willing to say no to a prospect that you don’t think is ready for a business is attractive.

Yes, it’s important to know your company and it’s products, but,  people don’t join companies they join YOU.

Giving before you get will create lasting relationships and attract people interested in what you and your business has to offer.

Sound to good to be true?  I thought so too.  But, it happens to me everyday.

As Network Marketer’s we have been programmed to chase friends and family and beg them to just try our product, or just take a look at our business presentation until we are finally avoided.

Attraction Marketing takes the pressure off,  because we aren’t trying to convince anyone about anything.  We are simply solution providers.

Find out what your prospects problems are.

Does a single mom need daycare money?  Show her how to make $1000 next month.

Does a doctor need to replace an income because he doesn’t know his kids anymore?  Show him a 2-5 year business plan to help him find time freedom.

Does a stay at home mom want to make some extra money for a vacation to Disney World?  Show her how with methods that fit her skills and personality.

Make sense?

Here are some principles and methods of attracting prospects to you:

  • Attraction Marketing takes patience.  Building relationships (and be sincere, people know when you are faking it) can take months or even years before someone is ready to join you in your business
  • Position yourself to be found. Build your “nerve center” which is your website or blog.
  • Use Search Engine Optimization – People who find you and what you have to offer through search engines like Google using keyword searches.
  • Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can offer an unlimited amount of people to build relationships.
  • Video Marketing puts you face to face with your audience to really get that “know you, like you, trust you” factor.
  • Content Sharing is simply sharing contents like videos, photos, or articles with anyone, anywhere in world.
  • Article Marketing – write articles about your industry or product that offers real value.  Always ask “So what?, does this help me or my reader?”   Submit theses articles to directories.   Here is a free service to track your submissions:  Article submission list.
  • Email and Newsletters is another way to stay in front of your prospects and customers to build relationships and share what you have to offer.
  • You can even write your own informational e-book about your industry or product benefits.

Once I began to incorporate the Internet and Attraction Marketing principles to my business, I started having fun, making money, and finding the satisfaction and peace that I had been looking for in my home based business.


To Your Success!


 Paula McKinney

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