How to Get More Blog Visitors

trafficSo you’ve got a blog, now what?

Getting visitors to read your stuff is an important step to successful blogging.

Getting and keeping traffic is in a direct relationship with how much action you do online, and the quality of those actions.

Here are a few tips that I’ve learned from reading the best of the bloggers, and how I’ve increased traffic to my little piece of Internet real estate:

  • Get to other sites, other blogs, and forums and get the word out to establish yourself in your area of expertise. Just like offline you have to open your mouth to let people know what you’re doing.
  • Be bold and confident. Let other people know you have something to say.
  • Always leave your signature and picture on other sites, so they know you are a real person. I find myself overlooking people without pictures.
  • Leave a simple link to your blog or website. Don’t spam a long paragraph about what you’re selling. If people are attracted to you and you’re putting yourself out there as a leader, then they will click on your link to know more about you. That’s why it’s a important to have an “About Page” to tell your story.
  • Have your picture or a video of you on the front page. When visitors land there they immediately connect with a real person. That’s powerful.
  • Look for sites and forums that allow you to post your articles. Once again leaving your signature with a link to your site.

When posting your articles, you can just have part of your article with a link to read the rest of the story directing to your site. Be creative with the link. Don’t just put “Click here to read the rest..” Say something that even Google likes. For example, “Read more of Paula’s tips about Internet Network Marketing…”. I think most sites are ok with this if you are contributing great content. Good content for them, traffic for you.

When posting your articles on another site, it’s always a good idea to create a profile page with a link to your site. This helps people get to know you, and creates a backlink to your blog.

If you are just starting out, be bold. Competition often keeps newbies from thinking that people will read their stuff. Think of this competition as shared traffic. When you are surfing the Internet, you don’t just stay on one site for hours, even if that site is established with a lot of content. You may Google a subject and hit 10 different sites doing research, or reading about a specific subject. That is shared traffic.

Where can you get ideas for content? You HAVE to be reading and learning about your passion and subject to write about it. Reading and researching will give you ideas for future articles. I know you’ve heard it before, but it’s true, “Readers are Leaders”. Immerse yourself in your subject matter.

Reading great writing is THE best way to becoming a better author. I immerse my kids in good books. This gives them better language and writing skills. Think about it. Which do you think would make for better writing: dissecting sentences or reading a good book with an incredible author who brings the book to life?

Enjoy yourself, relax, and just do it… and keep doing it. Some articles will be better than others, and that’s OK. Don’t be a perfectionist. As long as you have good content, a few spelling and grammar mistakes will be dismissed.

I follow one blogger who has not-so-great technical writing skills, but amazing content. I always find myself reading his stuff, not really caring about all the punctuation or sentence structure! He’s just writing about his passion. And that’s awesome!

Get started with a Top Ten List and post the article on five other websites. These types of articles are usually always good traffic pullers.    Happy Blogging!

To Your Success!

Paula McKinney


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