How to Build A Network Marketing Business When You’re New

paula mckinney, home based business, network marketing, wahm, network marketing online, work at home, busy professionals, mlm, direct sales, freedom businessWhat to Do in Network Marketing When You’re New to Business

Starting a network marketing business can be very emotional.  It’s exciting but can quickly turn to frustration.

Just like any business you’ll feel happy, hopeful, scared, over the moon, defeated, accomplished…and the list of feelings go on and on.


 Network Marketing Tips To Get Started Right

When you start a network marketing or direct sales business, learning to control your emotions  is critical for MLM success.

Most people are attracted to network marketing by hyped up enthusiasm from another rep in the company.   It’s great to show excitement when prospecting but over doing  it can create false expectation for someone new.

There are so many great organizations like The Association of Network Marketing Professionals who have worked very hard to create a professional image for our industry.

They fight against years of hype, mistrust, and false promises that has been practiced in MLM for years.  We are finally approaching an age where MLM, network marketing, and direct sales is seen as a legitimate profession with REAL professionals.

Know that when you start a network marketing business it’s a true business that requires hard work, determination, personal growth and some upfront personal financial investment.

Fortunatlely, crazy big incomes are attatinable after 2-5 years without the thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars it takes to open a franchise or traditional brick and mortar business.  Most of the time it’s get rich slow.   Four years is better than forty!


Set Realistic Expectations

Ask yourself what percentage of people do you think you have to talk to sign up your first 5 customers or distributors?

Let me give you some numbers to help with your expectations.

The average new person in network marketing…now these are people who start with an employee background, no real sales or personal development training….these people may bat 5%.

What that means is for every 100 people they ask to take a look at their opportunity only 5 may come in as a customer or distributor.

The best of the best, the most highly trained network marketing professionals who have really invested in themselves and the profession average about 30%.   So for every 100 people they talk to 30 will join as a customer or distributor.

There are exceptions to every rule.  There are some people who are considered shining diamonds BEFORE they enter into the network marketing profession.  They usually have been successful in another traditional business or have been in professional sales and already have a large network of people that know them, like them, and trust them.

For that rare type of person they may have 50% join.   These are the probably the types of stories that you hear and then ask yourself what’s wrong with me?  Why didn’t that type of  quick success happen for me?

Also know that 50% average is usually not realistic long term.  These kinds of people will eventually have to invest to improve and to expand their reach outside of who they already know.

Take an inventory of your abilities and have realistic expectations for your business and don’t compare your journey with anyone else’s.

You’re an individual with strengths and weaknesses.  And part of the journey is knowing those and then investing in areas of personal growth and learning how to market your business.

Just like anything else you want to learn in life you would find a way to gain knowledge.  Whether it’s a sport, a degree, or a new hobby,  you would invest time and money to learn that new craft to become a master of your trade.  Same is true in network marketing.

And the faster you invest in yourself the faster you will make money.

Know your vision – what you want out of life – get a daily plan to operate your business and set goals for personal growth and marketing strategies.  Be open for business daily and get to work.  Your success story is waiting for you.


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To Your Success!

Paula McKinney

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  1. When you’re just starting out in network marketing, you might experience some growth pains and sometimes you’ll be surprised with the learning curve. But endure that, and it will guarantee your success. 🙂

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