“I’m Too Busy for a Network Marketing Business.”

Paula McKinneyEver heard this one before from a prospect, or said it to yourself?


Ever wonder how to make it all happen?


If you ever heard my story, you know that if anyone should use the excuse “I don’t have time for a network marketing business” would be me!


I work a full time job as a dental hygienist,  help homeschool my three boys,  am a wife who loves to date her husband,  we have a small farm,  limited internet in the country,  very engaged in my son’s competitive basketball team,  and drive 100-200 miles most days.


How do I do it?  I control my calendar.    I’m not perfect and yes I still have fun, but have learned if it’s not written down it doesn’t get done.


Time Saving Tips


Here are some tips to help you control your calendar, create less stress, get more done, and have time to build your dream business.


  1. Cut out of your life what doesn’t serve you, your dreams, and your goals.  TV can be a huge time waster.   Decide how much is really serving you for the better.
  2. Get a calendar with 15 minutes time slots.  Write down all non negotiable activities like full or part time job, dinner, and family obligations, homework, kid’s activities, cleaning, driving time, working out, meditation/prayer, whatever activities that are non negotiable.  Put it ALL on the calendar.
  3. Next, mark off chunks of time (this could be 15 minutes or 2 hours, depends on the time you have) to commit to your business.    This can be woven into driving time, sitting and waiting for your kids at ball practice, or even a few minutes at lunch time to connect with a prospect by phone.
  4. I know this exercise might be challenging for those free spirits who feel restricted by a calendar (I sympathize with your type of personality because I live with a few of those creative types!).  However, I promise, you will end up feeling more free and relaxed if you control your calendar instead of your calendar controlling you.
  5. Get very clear on how your business time will be spent.  It’s typically broken up into 3 parts.  Prospecting, following up, and marketing. Spend 80% of your time on active prospecting. That means actually talking to people.   This is the money making activity. Color code it green for MONEY and don’t compromise this time. Use a timer if you need to. Use another color for your passive marketing like placing ads, blogging, creating a flyer or postcard.  Passive marketing is very important but should be managed.
  6. Outsource if you need to.  Reach out to those around you that care about you and ask for help.    Budget for a housecleaner, or a babysitter.   Hire help for parts of your business activities.   Go to www.fiverr.com to hire help help for things like creating fliers, banners, or imputing data.


Time is a very valuable resource, treat it with respect. Value it and it will serve you well.


This may be a very hard activity for some people.  It makes you look at what’s really important to you and also holds you accountable and doesn’t let you use the “I don’t have the time” excuse.


We all have 24 hours. How will you spend it?  Are you willing to give up some things like tv every night after dinner? Or, hanging our with your friends 4 nights a week?  Or, volunteering for every one of your kids functions? How much do your really want a home based business to work for you?


Your calendar will tell you.


To Your Success!

Paula McKinney

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