Should You Buy Someone Into Your MLM Business

paula mckinney, network marketing, mlm, network marketing businessEver heard this in your business?


“I want to join, but I don’t have the money.”  If you’ve been in MLM/Network Marketing/Direct Sales  I’m sure you’ve heard this before, too.


Here’s the thing.  Most of the time they’re not telling the truth.   I saw this in dentistry all the time.   People would come in for a cleaning and be told they needed a crown or root canal.


After the fees were discussed, a lot of the time they would say they didn’t have the money and they would call us back to schedule.  Six months later, at their next cleaning, they still haven’t gotten the work done but are telling us their story about their latest Caribbean cruise or European vacation.


People buy what they think is valuable to them.  They usually say they have no money to get you off their back or because they see you selling something instead of trying to solve their problems.


This is why it’s important to find out why someone is open to working from home before you start pitching them.


It’s so tempting to want to pay for someone’s start up fees when they say they really want to join you.


But, here’s the reality of it, most people don’t appreciate the things that are given to them and giving someone a business that they did not invest anything into themselves, rarely motivates them to be successful.


If someone is internally motivated and “sees” the incredible power of residual income, they will find the money.


I’ve even suggested they grab a piece of paper and write down 5 ways they can come up with the money in the next week.  Garage sale, selling something, or even borrowing the money from a relative are a few suggestions that I make.  If they are serious, they will be open to your suggestions.

A great question to ask is, “If you really wanted to come up with the money, do you think you could?”.  And, If the prospect has given you all the reasons why they have to have a business work,  repeat it to them and say, “Wow, it sounds like you can’t afford NOT to start your own business.”

In my opinion, buying someone into your MLM is a bad investment.  They rarely ever work out.  More than likely, you will be dragging that person through the ranks rather than leading them.  I know, because in the beginning of my business I did it.



Here is what I look for in people who want to join my team:


1.  Great attitude.  People who are positive and uplifting.


2.  People who are hungry for change in their life. Their desire has to be internal.  You can’t motivate someone to want to change.


3.  A great work ethic.  They see the value of getting up early and going to bed late to get the job done and are willing to give up something for a little while to be successful.


4.  People of integrity, and who are just nice to other people.


5.  People who aren’t needy and don’t blame others for their current situation.



If you have to buy someone into your MLM business more than likely they don’t have the qualities above.   They will constantly need to be managed and suck the life out of you and your organization.


Treat your prospecting like you’re interviewing for your million dollar business.  Look for quality not quantity!


If this helped you, please share with your team and leave me your thoughts below.



To Your Success,

Paula McKinney


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4 thoughts

  1. Paula Awesome thought process. And I agree! Early on in my MLM career I did make that mistake . I learned real quick because when I enrolled them they became MIA or they went into the Witness Protection Program. Thanks for sharing. I love your ideas.
    Dave Huntsman

  2. I love and appreciate all that your sharing & will definitely apply this to all that I need. This Marketing world is very new to me and I’m determined more then ever to succeed!
    I am a military wife married 20 years with my oldest son 10 and my triplets (2 identical boys and one girl) 7.
    There are many others who are faced with much of my situation and fear not being a professional anymore, bringing in a income or being the only income. In regards to myself, my world changed when my health started to decline and knowing I had to make a change from what I loved. Working in private care I was able to help amazing people who to this day are my best friends and could not live without. I’m a strong minded determined individual who loves helping others and with what you are sharing will help me be the best at what I do so I can continue to be a professional and new entrepreneur from my home based business.
    Thank You so much and I look forward to future updates.

    1. Cass, thanks so much for sharing your story! I love hearing about other’s journey and would like to keep in touch.

      Do you have a Facebook? Would love to connect. 🙂


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