Should You Buy MLM Leads

mlm leads, network marketing, mlm, internet marketing, network marketing onlineEveryone in Network Marketing needs more leads, right?


Obviously, I teach that  blogging is a great way to create your own MLM leads.  But, if you’re just starting your blog and you don’t have any leads yet, buying leads is a great option.


What are MLM Leads?


There are many lead source companies who advertise a business opportunity, however

they have nothing to offer the people who respond. Their business is to collect their information and pass it along to someone who is offering what they are looking for.


This allows us the opportunity to purchase lists of people from these lead source companies and contact them to see if they are open to our opportunity or products.

When you call them they usually don’t know anything about your company. They are “generic leads”.    Some lead companies have specific company leads.  Just use Google if that’s what you are looking for.

It’s best to email them information about who you are and then call them for an interview.    This is a simple email that let’s them know you received their request for more information,   two or three sentences about you, and then a call to action using a third party tool to introduce them to what you are offering.

Don’t expect them to call you, most of them don’t.   But some do!  Know this…just because they don’t call you first doesn’t mean they aren’t open to your opportunity.


I have been marketing online for a while now and really get it.  I know how to generate leads that come to me.  However, there are some days that I want more people to talk to.   So, I buy mlm leads.


I don’t make this complicated or expensive and I don’t think there is any shame in buying mlm leads.  I have talked to hundreds of paid leads and even sponsored people into my business using this method.  It keeps me talking to new people everyday about my business, so that’s a good thing!


Buying MLM leads is also a great way for newbies to get their feet wet when it comes to phone prospecting.  It’s great practice for someone who needs to sharpen their communication skills.


When you or your new team member start the business, it’s important to get the word out as quickly as possible that you are open for business.  Often times  people can quickly notify their warm market.  Usually, within a few days.  Then what?  Purchase leads and get them on the phone sharpening their skills.  The more it’s done the more that pesky phone fear disappears.


Where to Buy MLM Leads


There are hundreds of MLM lead sources online.  I have purchased 5 cent leads and $5 leads.     An MLM lead is just a person on the other end of the line that you have to interview and qualify for your business whether it was free, 5 cents, or 5 dollars.

If you are just starting use less expensive leads and practice.  Then try the more expensive ones.   I caution you to not call 5 leads and then say these leads stink!  This method of prospecting is like any other, you have to stay committed and consistent.


I’ve use this method so much that I  actually look forward to seeing who my next new friend is on the other line!    Keep it light and have fun!  Do it with a business partner and then swap stories about your experience.  It’s also a great way to do a phone blitz with your team.  Have prizes and create community.   Happy Prospecting!


If you want more free training and a  lead source that I use then grab my Prospect Tracker and Interview Checklist.

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Paula McKinney


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  1. Thats a great write up Paula. I’m Just getting started with mlm an would like to know what companies do you recommend to buy these leads from?


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