Is Your Character Ready for Six Figures?

Wealth is one of the most emotionally charged concepts we entertain in a society. Not everyone can handle money when they receive it or deep down believes that they deserve it. Psychologists refer to it as a “deserve level“.

If a person exceeds the amount of money they think they deserve, then they can start to do things to undermine their own success. If people feel unworthy, self-destruct kicks in so they can return to their comfort zone.

However, knowing that one deserves the money doesn’t always make it easy to handle with maturity or grace. The world is full of examples of people who can’t handle the money that they’ve earned.

Frank Lloyd Wright was a famous architect that completed over 500 works.   He is arguably known as the greatest architect of the 20th century.  He was also well known for his colorful personal life. When it came to money he always seemed to struggle.

In 1885 he found himself working in an architectural firm as a draftsmen after the Great Chicago Fire.  Feeling underpaid at $8.00 a week he moved to another firm with a raise in salary.  With a $5000 home loan from his boss and a pay raise, he was still short on funds.

He later found himself moonlighting just to pay the mounting debt and bills. Every time he received money he would go on shopping sprees that would have put him a 12- step program in our day and age. The sheriff once had to stand guard at his house so he wouldn’t leave town without paying his bills.

He later admitted his poor finances were due to his expensive tastes in stacked heels and capes, his silver-topped canes and fancy hats, his fast cars, thoroughbred horses and dangerous women.  To compound the problem he instilled the same overspending in his children.  But, after two failed marriages it took the discipline and foresight of his last wife, Olgivanna, to finally make him prosperous.

We all know celebrities, politicians, and athletes that have had trouble keeping the money they have earned.  You may know someone personally that has the looks, talent, and drive but can’t get past the self destruct mode when it comes to success.


What is keeping you from your 6 figures?  Are you out of control with your spending or do you feel you just don’t deserve that kind of success?  Do you sabotage yourself when things start looking good and blessings begin to unfold?

Read the list below of these roadblocks that may be keeping you from your dreams and goals:

  • You’ve never been taught the basic principles of money and need a crash course in finance.
  • You lack self discipline
  • You’re stuck in wishful thinking
  • You inherited your parent’s negativity and bad temper
  • You play the blame game and never take responsibility for yourself
  • You allow fear to control your life
  • Other people’s opinions are more important than your own when it comes to your own life.
  • You think you already know everything and are too proud to listen.
  • Procrastination is a way of life for you.
  • You have done some really bad things in the past and can’t forgive yourself.  You don’t feel you deserve to be happy.


Dig deep and find the underlying reasons why you might not be ready for those elusive 6 figures.

The road to success in anything can be bumpy, but the biggest roadblocks usually start right between your two ears.


To Your Success!

Paula McKinney


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  1. Hi Paula-

    What a great topic to bring up. I hear so many people say that financial freedom is one reason why they start a home based business yet they don’t do the activities that will allow them to reach that financial freedom. Often times they do things to self sabotage those goals. Other times it’s as simple as the fact that they’ve been groomed for failure and not success. They didn’t learn it at home and certainly not in school. It’s going to take more than identifying, because I think that some people recognize those character flaws but don’t know how to change the behavior.


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