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Tips for Recruiting Cold Market Prospects Into Your Network Marketing Team

paula mckinney, home based business, network marketing, wahm, network marketing online, work at home, busy professionals, mlm, direct sales, freedom businessIf you’ve run out of family and friends, it may be time to tackle the cold market.

Cold market sounded so scary to me when I first heard about this type of prospecting.

It sounded well….cold.   Growing up I was a little quiet and introverted, so for me to approach perfect strangers was terrifying.

If you’ve never read my story, I was one of those people who contacted all my friends and family pretty quickly in the beginning.   I knew nothing about marketing and knew I had to learn to expand my reach all while being a homeschooling mom,  wife, volunteer, and part time dental hygienist.

That’s when I turned to the internet and learned marketing, advertising, and prospecting.

Here are some tips that have helped me to tackle any cold market without fear and hesitation.

paula mckinney, home based business, network marketing, wahm, network marketing online, work at home, busy professionals, mlm, direct sales, freedom business


Get Good at Talking to Anyone – Even Strangers!

Use good success language.   It’s ok to start with a script but know it’s not just what you say but how you say it.

Two quick tips on tonality.   When introducing yourself have an upswing in your tone, but when your closing have a downswing in your tone.

Manage your expectations.   Your goal is to create curiosity and get people to raise their hands to learn more.  It’s not to sign someone on the first call or first introduction.

Learn to manage the conversation.  End it quickly if someone is nasty.  Don’t try and convince them or anyone else to join you and never bug or chase anyone.   Keep your posture.    Even if you are broke and have never signed anyone, learn to have an attitude of confidence.  No one will ever join someone who comes across desperate.

Keep the conversation natural.  It gets weird when you have an agenda and it turns your prospects off.  Be sincere and friendly.  Be open to their friendship whether they buy from you or not.



If you are cold calling prospects always “be busy”.    Professionals are busy.  This creates urgency in the prospect and it makes you more attractive.  If you are trying to make an appointment and tell the prospect you are open all week long and allow them to pick the time it sounds desperate.

What if you called a dentist to make an appointment and the receptionist said “we’re open all month, pick your time!”, you would think that’s kinda weird for a professional.  Why don’t they have any patients?  Is he a bad dentist?

Give your prospect two available times that work for you.  If they are serious about making money and a life change they will be open to meeting with you whenever you are available.   IF you create that sense of professionalism for yourself.

If you are just getting started and are just waiting for that first sale, you can come across way to eager and push your prospect away instead of draw them into the conversation.

Manage your eagerness.  Imagine those sales people at the mall standing outside their store yelling for you to come in.  What do you do?  That’s right, you walk as far as you can from the entrance and don’t make eye contact!   Because you know if you walk in they’re gonna go for a hard sale when all you want to do is browse.



All these tips can be used whether you’re out and about talking to people in your local area,  buying leads, or you want to brand yourself online and have people coming to you asking for more information.

I hope these tips help you with your cold market prospecting and growing your team!


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To Your Success!

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