Create Automated Follow Up for Your MLM Business Opportunity

Creating campaigns with automated follow up emails for your MLM business opportunity is going to save you a tremendous amount of time.

Using an Autoresponder to repeatedly follow up with your prospect will eventually get that “know you, like you, trust you”, that is so critical before partnering with you.

The most important goal with any marketing piece online is to capture your visitors email address.

If your spending time and money generating leads you must have a way to know they were there, track who was there, and be able to follow up with that interested prospect automatically.

This is where you are able to give information to visitors who came to you and want to know more about your business any time, day or night, anywhere in the world.

Not sure what an Autoresponder is?…

An AR is a fax-on-demand by email.  Autoresponders are simply prewritten emails that are stored until someone enters their email on your website, blog, or any other capture page, and this series of emails that you have already written are almost simultaneously transmitted.

AR’s are used for many types of follow ups.  Sales letters, product information and newsletters, just to name a few.

Giving something of value for free like a report, or a series of how-to videos, or even a valuable newsletter that will help them grow their business is a great way to capture what you really want…their email address!

Creating prewritten emails about your MLM business opportunity, or whatever your visitors are looking for is a huge time saver for you, and it continues with the all important “know you, like you, trust you” factor.

Your prospect is looking for more when they give you their contact information. Give them something of real value often enough that when you speak to them on the phone you will already have a connection with them.

Autoresponders are another way to plug in all those connections you get offline.  All those business cards and emails you receive can be easily entered into your “drip campaign” and followed up automatically.

You must repeatedly be in front of your prospect (advertising experts say 7 times!) before they buy.  Following up by phone seven times per lead is a big task.

Automated follow up will save you loads of time. Use your time for promotion and contacting pre-qualified leads that have already gone through your system.

Use an Autoresponder system with a good deliverability rate.   It would be a shame if all those pre-written emails never got through to your prospect.

If you are going to be using an Autoresponder, set up your follow up emails from the very beginning.

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