When to Cross a Prospect Off Your List

paula mckinney, network marketing, direct sales, wahm, busy professional, freedom business, home based business, work at homeIn network marketing there are times when you just have to let a prospect go.

But when?

There are lots of statistics on the web of how many exposures you need to make for each prospect before they become a customer or distributor.   But you really have no control over when someone joins you.

Sometimes a prospect can stay on your list for years before buying, but that’s not the type of prospect you want to take off your list.

I’m talking about those people who are negative, nasty, and way too skeptical.

When do you cut the line and let them go?

First, get your mindset right when you’re prospecting.  Be open to everyone because you never know who is interested.   And don’t be attached to the outcome.   Having a emotional breakdown or negative outlook if someone says no to you is a scarcity mindset.

Know that there are thousands of people looking for what you have and one “no” does not define your business.

If you have someone on the line who is sucking the life out of you, is negative about every angle of the business, or is just an unpleasant individual, you CAN say no to working with them.  If fact, you are better off if you let them go.   Look for open, positive people.

Once you have determined a prospect is truly a good prospect but is just hesitant or ignorant of what we really do (I’m not saying they are stupid they just really don’t know how network marketing works) then keep them on your list.

Sometimes people just need a nudge.  It makes a big difference if you are consistent and persistent in a way that’s not pushy.  This makes you look like a professional who takes their business seriously.

If you have made an appointment with someone and they don’t show give them a call.

Leave a voicemail that goes something like this:

“Hey Sue, I’m just following up with you about our appointment  we had at 6:00, give me a call.”  Be positive in your tone of voice. Don’t wine or have a mini pity party on their voicemail that sounds desperate or weird because they didn’t show.   That’s not what professionals do.

If they still haven’t called 24 hours later, call them again and say:

“Hey Sue hope all is well, I know you wanted to chat  just give me a call.”

Then if they still haven’t called 48 hours later use the take away:

“Hey Sue, hope you’re ok!  Hey listen this is clearly not a fit for you, I’m going to go ahead a cross you off my list.   I wish you all the best and truly hope you find what you’re looking for. Have a great day!”.

You will more than likely get more call backs from the last voicemail because people don’t like to feel like they are being crossed off or feel like they are missing out.  Of course, some people just don’t have it in them to say no to your face so they ignore you and that’s ok.  If you’re being a professional and using integrity then people who aren’t honest with you is just a reflection of them not you.   Move on.

I don’t really cross them off I just leave them in my follow up and continue to drip updates on them through emails  and direct mail.  It may be weeks or months before the next exposure.  Connect with them on social media and continue to build a  good relationship and keep it real.

Our team has had people join us years later after the first exposure to the business.  This is why it’s so important to talk to a lot of new people every week and never quit.  Stay in the game so when they are ready you’ll be there to reap the harvest.

This is how every sales and marketing business on the planet works. Network marketing is no different.

Think like a professional, stay committed,  and know that it’s ok to let people go.


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To Your Success!

Paula McKinney

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  1. The ONLY time to cross someone off your list is when they buy or die. That’s it. A NO today, even from a negative person does not mean a NO forever. Many top earners prospected their best people for YEARS before they ever got on board. You don’t want to sit around and wait for anyone, but you do want to keep in touch with everyone about every 90 days until they buy or die. Just my two cents.


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