Developing A Newsletter That Your Prospects and Customers Will Actually Read

Developing a newsletter for your business prospects and customers is a great way to keep you in front of your audience.  People are busy and their minds are full of work, kids and the stresses of life.  If you don’t stay connected with them, well…out of sight, out of mind.  Developing a newsletter that is full of value for the reader is important. Going on  about how much you love a product or your business doesn’t matter to anyone.  When you write an article ask yourself “so what?”.   How is this going to benefit the reader.  It’s not about YOU!

There are two elements to incorporate into your newsletters:

1.   Relationship Building. Letting your customer or business prospect know a little about who you are is a great way to get that “Know you, like you, trust you”  factor that is so important. Create a great story on why you wanted to start your own at home business and how it has changed your lifestyle.  Be real.  Share with them your struggles and be honest.  No hype here.  Have a family and a home business?  Share with them how you incorporate you children into the business, or what you had to do to balance family and work.  What does your day to day schedule look like as you try to run a business and a household?  Share with them your successes AND failures.  People like authenticity.

2.  Training and Education. For example, teaching potential business partners about software that could make their business better, or easier is a great way to offer value.  Teach them what to say to potential business prospects or how to build a website or blog.  Have a travel business?  Educate them on how to to save money on their next vacation, or what they need to look out for as a tourist in a certain country.  The big question after your reader finishes is “so what?”  Can they walk away with something that will make a difference in their life or business?  Again, it’s all about them.

Who are you talking to?

Before you can talk to your target market, make sure you know your target market intimately.  What does your audience think about, or talk about. What are their needs, their wants, or pains.  What are some of their problems that you can help solve?  Do some research on keywords that they are searching for. Hang out in forums and see what they are discussing.  Provide solutions to their problems!

How often should you “talk” to them?

Once you commit to a newsletter, decide on how often you are going to publish it.  If you are just starting out, creating great content once a week or even once a month is doable.  Just make sure you are consistent.  Tell your readers when they can expect to receive information from you.  Make sure you put some thought into each newsletter.  It only takes one bad issue to get them off your subscription list.  So make sure you provide value to your audience.  Take some time to write and rewrite your content.  Leave them with wanting more!

Name that Newsletter

Make sure you develop a great name for your newsletter.  Make it relevant to the content that you are putting out there.  This part is somewhat important because you are branding yourself.  Create a catchy name, but not too cutesy, that people will remember.

Get A Format

When developing a newsletter,  create a great format that is easy to read, and stick to it.  Develop a template from the very beginning, and them just plug in new content as you go.  People like to have familiarity when it comes to reading their magazines, ezines, or newsletter.

Place Subscription Form on Web Page or Blog

Once you create a newsletter, you need subscribers!  Building a list is key.  Without readers you have nothing.  Placing a subscription form on your website, blog, or any profile page can get your visitors access to your newsletter.

Customize Your Subscription

Add a link to a free download or other incentive to entice visitors to sign up.  Make it something of real value to THEM.  Customize your confirmation page to personalize it.  Add a thank you page with an offer they can’t refuse.
Provide back issues on your website or blog (if appropriate).  Give new readers the ability to read previous articles that interest them.

No matter who your target market is or how often you reach out to them, give them something they can use in their own lives or business.  This is essential in growing an audience that can’t wait for your next issue!


To Your Success!

Paula McKinney

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