When Should I Follow Up with MLM Leads

calling-leadsWith so many Internet MLM marketers, people are no longer looking for just a work at home opportunity, they are looking for an opportunity with a real person to help support them in their new adventure.


The Internet can be a scary place for a prospect looking for a legitimate home based business.

Often times when I first call the prospect they may be skeptical and closed. I believe that’s because of the many scams online.  This is why being authentic and giving value first is important to your MLM prospects.

Your first conversation should be all about what your prospect needs, NOT about your amazing compensation plan or your one-of-a-kind product they can’t live without.


I have called hundreds of leads and are often thanked for calling them.  MLM prospects are used to filling out forms online and then no one ever calls them.  They just get emails telling them to buy something.


Establish yourself as a real person as quick as possible. If they give up their phone number, they want you to call them!


Think like your prospect.  They’re sitting behind their computer searching for a solution.  They land on your  website or ad, opts in and gives you their phone number.


Within a few minutes you call and say, “Nice to meet you Anne, how can I help you?” and then just LISTEN.  You will shine above the rest and establish yourself as a true leader!


To Your Success!

Paula McKinney


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  1. Hello Paula:
    I would love to learn to promote my network marketing business.
    I am a consultant with Immunotec Research Corp. We sell immune boosting health products. I am very excited about these products and want to promote them online. I seem to be alone as my upline have chosen very different methods of building their businesses and I do not resonate with those methods. Can you help me? Thanks

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