How to use Forums to Drive Traffic to Your Blog or Website


What is a Forum?

What is a forum?

A forum is a place for an ongoing conversation about a particular subject. In a forum, you can share an idea, do a poll, get or give advice, or just discuss your favorite subject with like-minded people.

Forums are a great way to find your target market and interact with them.  A forum can build community and a trusted network.  These are meccas for creating that “know you, like you, trust you” factor and it’s free!

Forums have a group of contributors and a moderator that makes sure everyone follows the rules.  As a member, you can start a topic that allow others to join in on the conversation.  This two-way conversation is called a thread.

As an owner of a business, this is an incredible way to point traffic to your blog or website.

Every time you join in on the conversation, leave a small signature that tells a little more about you, and a link to your site.  Don’t spam!  Give great content on the thread that creates interest about you and if someone wants to know more about who you are, they can click on your link.

Here are five steps to help promote your blog or website in forums.  Do this a little everyday and watch your visitors grow:

1.  Goolge forums where your specific target market hangs out.  For example, “stay at home mom forums”.

2.  Read through the FAQ to know the rules of the forum.

3.  Join the forum and read through discussions.  Listen to how the group interacts and get acquainted with it’s

4. Comment on threads and leave smart content and really add value to the discussions (no spammy talk here!).  Be     authentic!!   People know when you are just there to take, take, take!

5.   Leave your signature and a link to your site after your comment.

I have had some highly targeted prospects come through my sites from forums.

These people already know you and are more likely to leave comments on your blog.  This is a beautiful thing when you have interaction from others on your site. This increases your visibility to search engines and creates activity that others want to be a part of.  These visitors also become prospects that may want to know more about what you have to offer.

I set aside 30 minutes everyday promoting my site in forums.  It’s fun, free, and increases visitors to my blog.


To Your Success!

Paula McKinney

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7 thoughts

  1. Thank you Nancy for your comments and motivation! I am starting 2011 with more of a focus on efficient time management. The blocks of time is one great example and love that we think alike. Now for me to put it into action and make it a habit.

  2. This article is very interesting because it points to soemthing which I have observed.

    As someone who owns a forum for moms, this confirms something I suspected – Many mom entrepreneurs join mom forums for the express purpoe of advertising & not to become part of the community.

    Community members can spot this intent from a mile away by the quality of the comments which mommy business owners make in the forum as well as the numerous ad links they place which are quickly removed by our staff right before we ban them from our community.

    But…let’s say a mommy business owner isn’t that transparent…let’s say they post comments a few times prior to banging everyone over the head with links to their businesses & blogs…community members still see through this because the mommy business owner or blogger doesn’t stick around. Which translates into the community members NOT visiting your site. They don;t trust you.

    Building a customer base within a community forum means building trust. Building trust means you have to be present and active in the community.

    Just some things to consider.

    1. Thanks Julie for your imput. I agree with your observation. Joining forums for the express purpose of advertising and not being a part is unfortunate for the entire community. Staying active and transparent is so important. Belonging to a forum that allows it’s members to share what they have to offer is a great way to find referrals for services and products that you can purchase from trusted friends. I love to hear what others are doing in their businesses and be able to talk about the frustrations and joys of being your own boss. Belonging to a community who helps everyone spread the word about each others businesses is definitely one to consider joining.

      Thanks for the comment!

      Paula McKinney

  3. I am very excited to have found this post. I have been looking for ways to drive targeted traffic to my new blog using this method. I will try to implement and see how it works on my blog. Thanks.

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