How to Create a Freedom Business

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The truth is everyone wants health, happiness, and wealth.  Occasionally, we do manage to enjoy one or all of these for a time.


We have been programmed to believe that if we want something bad enough and work hard enough for it we are assured of getting it.



Strong desires or good intentions mean very little when you are trying to produce abundance.


Richard Brooke, a MLM Success Coach says,

What matters is what we expect of ourselves; what we believe is inevitable for us.  What matters is our mindset about who we are and what we deserve.”


You may be feeling stuck.  Most of us have felt the same way in our business.


I have learned, it’s not enough to wish for success, or set more goals and work harder.  We must have a clear vision in our mind’s eye and heart of what we want and must affirm it over and over to ourselves daily.


Having a vision that you can see, hear, taste, and feel it happening right now, makes what we want inevitable.


What about Your Vision and Money?
Richard says it best….


Money is often seen as a villain in our lives when actually it is merely an amplifier of our intentions. It can make bad intentions worse as well as good intentions better. Our lives can be enhanced tremendously with financial freedom. Freedom to make our avocation our occupation. Freedom to give our time and money. Freedom to pursue our childhood dreams — and our adult fascinations.


You don’t necessarily have to be rich monetarily to enjoy these freedoms. What would you do differently in your life if you could just maintain your current income without going to work?


Now take a minute to dream a little. Pick a number … any income that would really alter your life yet is still believable. Can you see yourself earning an extra thousand a month? What would you do with it? How would you make your life more fulfilling, more secure, and more adventuresome? How would you maximize your education, your personal and spiritual development?


Now write a vision of your life and the freedom you have just imagined. Describe it in detail, with as much passion, emotion and enthusiasm as possible. The key to having your subconscious mind access and believe in your vision is to make it vivid, clear and full of every detail, including the most important detail: how you feel.


Whether it’s in the area of your wealth, relationships, health, achievements, or all of the above — take charge of your future. Have the courage to direct its course. Be responsible for creating your life of choice. Our world will amaze you with its generosity. It is not without a price, yet if you chose a course dear to your heart, it is a price you will love to pay.”



To Your Success!

Paula McKinney


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