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 How to Quickly Sort and Qualify Home Business Leads

paula mckinney, home based business, network marketing, wahm, network marketing online, work at home, busy professionals, mlm, direct sales, freedom businessWhen you buy home based business leads you will connect with people who are “just looking for a job”.  What do you say to them?  How do you get them to see the benefit of a part time business through network marketing?

Here’s some ways to help them engage in the conversation and open them up to the possibility of a network marketing business opportunity.   We will also cover how to quickly sort and qualify purchased leads.


I used to get frustrated when I paid for a lead and found out they were really just looking for a job.

But the more I studied and practiced the art of communication and influence I learned how to direct the conversation (if they qualify) and help them dig a little deeper about what they were searching for and why.

Some people are just looking for an income to put food on the table.  I never write those people off, but tell them if they are open to a part time home based business then they need a job to help support it for a little while.



What to Say When they Say “I’m Looking for a Job!”

Ron Malezis of www.LeadPower.com teaches 5 questions to ask when a prospect is looking for a job.

1.  How long have you been looking for a job?

2.  Have you ever considered operating your own business where you can create the kind of income you would expect from a job, but have no ceiling on the level of income you can create?

3. Have you ever considered taking the skills and talents that you bring to the marketplace and utilizing them to create an income stream through your own business?

4. Have you ever considered having the freedom to create as much income as you want based on your effort in operating  your own business (from home) rather than being confined to an income cap inside a job?

5. Have you ever considered what it might be like if your commute was down the carpeted freeway from your bedroom to your home office, instead of the asphalt freeway to someone else’s business that you work 15, 30, or even 60 minutes away?


How to Quickly Qualify Leads You Don’t Know

These are generic leads (let’s call them people because that’s what they are!) you purchased or generated by advertising.  People you don’t know at all.


Generally there are three types of prospects:

1.  They don’t have any energy.  You can tell quickly they are not a people person.  Their interest, desire, and urgency are very low.  Let them go quickly.  Tell them it was great talking to them but their not quite a fit for the team.

2.  The second type of prospect are those who have interest but lack leadership qualities.
These are still good prospects because leadership skills can be taught if they are open to learning.   These types you want to send them information by email or text and ask them to take the next step.

Confirm and compel them to take a look by asking, “when can you watch the video (or listen to the overview)?”.   “Will you text me or call me when you do that?”.    Then wait to hear from them.  Drip information by email or direct mail, but only continue to give them your time to develop a deeper relationship IF they do the homework.   This call should only take 3-5 minutes.

3.  The next type of lead are the people who are open and interested and you can already see good leadership qualities in them.  They can communicate well, make decisions quickly and already have created influence in their circle.   These people are usually busy and will respond well when you are busy too.   Make sure you get off the phone quickly and YOU are the one who says gotta go.

Your goal is to start developing a know you, like you, trust you relationship but don’t send them any information.   Don’t be elusive, but create curiosity.  Set an appointment for the next 3-24 hours.  If they ask a lot of questions, be open but tell them it’s very important that they don’t make a decision without all the facts and you will have more time later when you set an appointment.

The next appointment could be appoximately 30 minutes in person, by phone, or video chat.   It’s important you confirm with them three times.  “If I set aside time on Wednesday for 30 minutes can you for sure make it.”  “Are you sure?”,  “will you text or call me prior to the appointment if you can’t make it?”.

If the person is still open to your opportunity at the end of the presentation but hasn’t made a decision set a third appointment to continue to build that relationship and answer any question they may have.  Multiple contacts will build trust.

If it feels right, ask them if they would like to connect on Facebook.  Then use that platform to continue to build the relationship. Don’t use social media to spam them!


More Tips For Leads

4-9pm is a great time to call.  Late morning is good too.  It’s good practice to call the same list 2 times a day if you can.  But if you are working your business after your job then calling 2 days in a row is just fine.

To really go through your list quickly you can learn to use dialing software. This will save you a lot of time.

Don’t analyze this process too much and don’t wait until you are perfect to implement these strategies.  Just like any other prospecting method you will need to find what works for you and your personality.  You will also learn how many leads a day works for YOUR calendar.  The more you do it the better you will make it your own.

Remember this one thing…

90% of leads are looking for a job or a lottery ticket, that’s just our society.  You will find that to be true whether you buy leads, generate them yourself through a blog or ad, or talk to people face to face.  But what we’re looking for are people who want to wake up.

Sell them hope and show them the possibilities that our great profession can provide!


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To Your Success!

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