How to Balance Your New Network Marketing Business, Family, and A Full Time Job

Do you feel like you are getting off to a slow start in your Network Marketing business?  Do you feel like most of the day is spent unfocused with no real game plan?

Most people who start a MLM home based business probably already had a “full” day. With family, and a full time job it can be frustrating to feel like your not doing enough for your business.  Guilt sets in because your children and your spouse just aren’t getting the quality time they need from you.

Feeling overwhelmed, busy, and unorganized is a NORMAL part of starting a network marketing business.  You must remember you are not going to know everything in the beginning.  As you learn and grow there will be activities that are not focused, which create a lot of wasted time.

Here are some focused steps to take.  As a new business owner, learn what actions are the most important and become very efficient in fitting them into your day.

So let’s get focused!

1.   Have a goal.  Have you ever gone to the grocery store without a list?  I can always count on spending more time and money if I don’t have a grocery list. I’m indecisive when it comes to what dinners to make for the next week, I’m frustrated because I have to go back two isles because I forgot the tomato sauce… you get the picture.  Have a goal and have it written out exactly what you want to accomplish.

2.   Educate yourself. Spend some daily time learning more about yourself, your company, your products, how to communicate, and learn about the MLM industry.

3.   Advertise your new business. No one is going to call and ask you to talk to them about your business until you advertise.  Pick a way to communicate your business and products.  Using the Internet, buying leads, newspaper, direct mail, calling people you know.  Start with one way to advertise and get good at it, then try something else.  Just do it.  You have to promote yourself!

4.  Pick up the phone. Wherever you are getting your leads, make sure you call them.  Don’t just email them. Can you make 30 dials a day? Yes, you can! Remember it only takes 2-3 minutes to determine if your prospect is a good
fit for your team.

5. Connect with a potential business partner.

6. Make an appointment. However that looks for you.  Coffeehouse, your house, their house, or through Skype.

7. Make that presentation.  One on one, a home party, a website are all ways to take your prospects through your presentation.

8. Get and keep your customers. A lifetime customer can be quite rewarding.

9. Get a new distributor.

10. And train that distributor. How?  Tell them to start at #1.

These are all focused actions that will grow your business, a lot of time on other things could be valuable time wasted.

Get your calendar and a piece of paper.  For the next 90 days block off the days you are available to market your opportunity or sell your product.  Whatever your marketing method you choose  – Internet, home meetings, fundraisers, one-on-one’s – block some time in your schedule and stick to it.

Then take a piece of paper and write down the hours you are awake.

For example:


Then, go back and create a daily action plan or routine.
7:00am  wake up, exercise
8:00am  eat breakfast, help with kid’s
9:00am  go to work, listen to training cd’s or mp3 in car
12:00pm lunch, make 5-10 prospecting calls

5:00pm  make 5-10 prospecting calls
6:00pm  dinner, spend time with family
7:00pm  make 5-10 prospecting calls
8:00pm  help with kids, ready for bed
9:00pm  training calls with downline or upline
10:00pm go to bed

If your family doesn’t have a routine, try it for a week.  You would be amazed how much frustration will disappear when the kids and your spouse can look ahead on the daily action board and know what to expect.

Just remember if you say you are going to help with homework at 8:00, be there at 8.

Don’t forget to schedule fun with family and friends on the weekends.  Quality time with the ones you love is important, too.  At this point in your life you are working two jobs, (one of them YOU make the rules!) you are going to need a break!  Keep your goals and your why in front of you everyday, so you know there is a wonderful reward from all the hard work.  Investing time now to work your business will create the time freedom you desire for the future.


To Your Success!

Paula McKinney


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