How To Use Social Networking Websites To Create YOU, INC.

Paula McKinney, direct sales, network marketing, work at home, home based business, wahmSocial networking websites have become a way to create new relationships that can enrich our lives and our business.

But, you might be  having trouble connecting with your audience.  You’re posting and tweeting but not getting heard.  One reason might be your profiles.

How are you putting yourself out there  and  are you putting yourself out there enough?

When creating your profiles It’s important  you brand yourself not your primary company.

The reality is network marketing is not immune to companies closing their doors, changing compensation plans, or developing a philosophy that you may not agree with.  People change companies for a number of reasons.   So you want to create a YOU brand that’s going to stand the test of time.

Here are some quick tips to get started right for creating a brand that sells YOU.

The first step to getting your name out there is to create accounts at 2 or 3 of the major social networking websites.  These are huge platforms that are highly searchable.  If you’re on a few of them already,  try it out and see for yourself.  If you Google your name, more than likely your social media sites will come up first.


Here is a list of just a few:paula mckinney, social media, wahm, network marketing, direct sales

1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. YouTube
4. Pinterest
5. Better Networker
6. Google Plus
7. Meetup
8. LinkedIn
9. Instagram



Always use your name for the username.  Don’t make it too cutesy, like top-gun-recruiter or direct-sales-r-us.  This is your chance to brand your name, so use it.

When setting up your profiles on social networking websites always link back to your website or blog.  In your bio description, any mention of your name use as anchor text and link back to your website if it’s allowed.

When publishing any content on these social networking websites include your name and link back to your website or other social networking sites.

All this linking to and from your website, blog, and your social networking website profiles creates this web of links that Google loves.

Why is it so important to brand yourself with your name online?  Google rankings!

When prospects want to know more about you what are they going to do?  Google you!  You want to place yourself in the top 10 positions that puts you on the front page of Google with content that you have created on all the major social networking websites.  You control what is said about you, and where these prospects will go to learn more about you.

Your blog and all those social profiles will begin to show up in the top 10 rankings.

So every article, video, and bio, should sell you.

So, first things first, register your name as a domain.  Very important! is a good one.

If it’s taken, use a hyphen, your middle initial, or even a dot between your first and last name.

Your name should link to your website or blog not your company generated website.  Creating a personal website or blog that sells you first is the best way to start creating that relationship between you and your prospect.

Continue to create valuable content for your blog or website.  Learn, do, teach.

As your value and authority rises so will all your social media profiles, any website affiliated with your blog and your blog categories will rise in ranking.

Creating YOU, INC. is not going to get you a ton of traffic at first but it will create credibility and position you as a leader in your industry.    Prospects will search for you on social media sites, so make sure you are professional, clean, positive, and ready to connect.

I will often ask a prospect on the phone if I can connect by Facebook or Twitter.  It’s so easy these days with social media to continue to grow that new found relationship.

I warn you to be sincere when connecting.  I keep the mindset that not everyone is going to join my business and that’s ok.   I have created some great new friends this way that support and encourage me.

This week break it down into bite size actions.  Everyday create a rock star profile for each social networking website and link to your blog or website.  Be patient.  Grow your web of links and get yourself positioned on the first page of Google.

Use the same picture across every social media site.   Make sure it’s just you, not your cat, dog or kid.    I never connect with anyone on a social site that doesn’t have a picture.

Think about big companies and their logos.  It’s always the same on every marketing piece they put out there.

You are in the marketing business, so market YOURSELF.  Be helpful in the marketplace and continually add value.  Get found on social media and expand your reach!

You can check out some of my profiles here:


To Your Success!

Paula McKinney

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