How the Internet Marketing Gurus are Stealing Your Money

mlm, network marketing, home based businessOk, let’s face it.  There are a hundred gurus out there telling you to buy their products and are getting very rich from people looking for the magic bullet for network marketing success.

But, how much money are they keeping you from making in your business?


“Gurus” are screaming loud and can distract new business builders. Newbies quit before they make one dime in this business.


Now don’t get me wrong.  I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of really great stuff from others who have made it in this industry.  Books line my shelf on how to build an internet network marketing business.  And, the Internet has helped me generate leads.


However, it cost me big time in the beginning of my business and it can cost you too.   If learning every secret that every guru puts out but you forget to learn the basics, then your doomed.


Clarity and a clear action plan are going to keep you focused on the important business building, money making activities.  Reading every email from every “guru” and buying every information product, can steal the time and money needed to focus on building your business.


There are only two money making activities that need 80% of your time.  Signing up customers or members and finding new distributors who get customers and new distributors.


The Internet has created a fog for beginners and can actually kill a new business before it even has time to launch.


A new distributor comes into the industry and gets completely overwhelmed by all the technical mumbo jumbo and guru product launches, that the focus is lost before one piece of business is on the books.


So how do you find clarity and get on the fast track to actually making a paycheck as a new business owner?


Limit the time surfing the web and get on the phone talking to prospects.  The first 30-90 days for a new distributor should be focused on three things:


  1. learning about the company and products
  2. rehearsing and refining their script by making a lot of phone calls
  3. and building in their local market.


This creates confidence, clarity – and money!  Taking your business offline and into your local market and using  leads from lead source companies are great ways to launch,  until you can create more highly targeted leads yourself using the internet.


From day one of your business, dive into your scripts.  One for prospecting new business builders and one for customers .  Create an action plan to have at least 2- 5 conversations a day and practice your scripts. Get to know your duplication system intimately.  It must be simple!


No matter how many leads you can produce yourself, if you can’t talk to prospects and give them a clear action plan, your internet marketing efforts are ineffective.


Learning to talk to people will create money and put you on the fast track to your first level in your company’s compensation plan.  Launch your business quickly and with commitment.


How would it make you feel if you used your warm market and made it to the first level of your company’s compensation plan in 48 hours?  Now that’s a launch!


To Your Success!


Paula McKinney

Paula McKinneyIf you are happy in a business, that’s great!  If you are looking for the right online business and mentor, I would love to share what I’m doing with you. Click here and let’s explore the possibilities.


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  1. Hello Paula, This is a great post. I pray that thousands of people read this. The first 90 days should be exactly as you’ve written. Newbies need to learn the basics and how to talk with prospects and follow up. They need to get out there and be bad. You need to pass through bad to get good. Great blog!

  2. Paula, did my subconscious write you? I just read myself in your blog. I spent years as a recruiter and in direct sales and I know how to talk to people, how to sell..and so I thought I finally found a company and a product that I love and I am so excited to be a part of a MLM (I never had an interest in joining one in the past) – but I am getting so caught up in “everything” else that I am missing out on just plain building my business. I just recently caught myself questioning did I do the right thing? I love reading, but maybe at this point, I am reading too much. HELP

    1. Ha! Why yes I think it did! 🙂 Mike Klingler (you may know him, he’s a “guru” 😉 he said “know when to stop learning and start doing”. We can learn till our heads bust, but if we don’t put action behind our new found knowledge…well we are broke in this industry. I have now found myself not tackling any new knowledge until the previous lessons has been put to good use.

      Thanks for the comment Chery!

      Call me anytime,

      Maybe we can give each other cliff notes on all the info products we bought!



      1. I am trust that is what Mike Klingler said and not try and read up on it. With that said..that is SO true. I need to do the same, take the knowledge I have, apply it or at least try it and then determine if that isn’t working, move on.

        I’d welcome the chance to connect with you! The world always seems so big until you meet someone new. (I know your thinking what a cheesy line, it just came to me so I had to use it!)

        I WILL talk to you soon,

  3. More insidious than the money the gurus steal is the time that they steal. Newbies should definitely be focused on taking action on their business and not watching gurus on endless webinars that never seem to get to the point. This is something I learned myself the hard way. Thanks for this great post.

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