Listening Through Objections

Richard Brooks, author of “Mach II With Your Hair on Fire”, explains that listening through objections is the Tai Chi approach to dealing with people’s questions and concerns.

When you avoid arguing about the objection it avoids leaving the prospect feeling wrong or stupid.

The only way to do that is to listen. Being committed to hear, understand and actually feel what the prospect feels before dealing with the issue.

It’s ok to validate the objection that the prospecting is feeling, but don’t believe it.

Most of the time, spoken objections are rarely true, even for the prospect. They are the first line of defense for the prospect to express fear or concern.

What would happen if you embraced objections and fell in love with them?

Isn’t that what you get paid for? If there were no objections, there would be no sales people.

When objections arise and it creates anger, frustration or fear in you, you immediately become unattractive to talk with.

If you learn to love to hear them, you become warmer, calmer, and more confident as you hear them. That is attractive!

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