What is Microblogging?

What is Microblogging?
When microblogging platforms came into the scene of the social media craze, many people asked the same question “Who cares?”

Why do I want to read trivial posts about what other’s are doing?

As a marketer, this is a free, quick, two way conversation that helps to build that powerful relationship with your prospects or customers.  This is another great way to turn the Internet into your warm market.

Although it’s not the only one, Twitter is the most popular microblogging platform.  It allows users to send and receive brief (140 characters or less) text-based, microposts that are referred as “tweets”.

These microposts are then delivered to anyone who has signed up and been accepted to “follow” your messages.  Same is true with any tweets that you have requested to follow.

Many people are using microblogging to supplement their main blog by publishing 140 characters or less of their latest blog post – along with a link directing their followers to the actual blog.

You might be asking, “As a business, how does this help me?”

Joining Twitter gives you an advantage to get real time information to your customers and prospects.  Before you begin, think about your goals and how you are going to use this communication tool.

Do you want to attract prospects for your business or do you want to deliver updates to customers?  Find your purpose then fill out the 160 character Bio that tells your readers who you are.

Find highly relevant companies and people to follow.  Do a search on your Twitter home page and browse through interesting messages and consider following those accounts.

Start with a few accounts to follow and engage in the conversation.  Hit the reply button to begin the two way conversation.  Many people will appreciate the reply and begin to follow you.

Later if you find that person is not giving information that is relevant or is just a spammer then simply hit the unfollow button.

In the beginning, keep it simple.  Follow a few people and engage in the conversation.  Ask them to follow you.  Be polite and keep it clean.  Having a lighter tone can help.  Don’t post that you are eating, watching TV, or are sick.  Keep it interesting and relevant.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are just getting started with microblogging here are four daily activities that will help you grow your very own “list” on Twitter:

1.  Tweet relevant and interesting posts and ask yourself “what’s in it for my followers?’”  Will this add value to them? Don’t spam!  It’s just a quick way for you to get unfollowed.

2.  Engage in the two way conversation.  Hit the reply button and let your followers know you are listening.

3.  Hit the retweet button of those whom you are following  (50% of my posts are retweets) if it is relevant content for your followers.  For example:  If your target market on Twitter is “working moms”, they might enjoy your retweets of great coupon sites that could save them money on that next box of cereal.

4.  If you have a blog, tweet your article title and a link to your blog.  This is organic (free) traffic at it’s finest.

Don’t be afraid of microblogging.  Now is a great time to incorporate Twitter and other microblogging platforms like Facebook or FriendFeed to expand your business.

So, set up a free account at www.Twitter.com and let others know “What’s happening?” in your world.


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  1. It’s all about branding yourself and creating more visibility for your brand and what you have to offer. To that end, microblogging is yet another exposure tool that we definitely should leverage to expand your brand. Great post, thanks for sharing!

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