Is Your MLM Downline Headed for Disaster?

Regardless of your comp plan, did you know that developing leaders is much easier than a plan to generate volume or income?

The amount of residual income is directly related to the quantity of leaders in your organization.

Build into a leader for your next leg in your compensation plan and watch the volume and active distributors grow.

Richard Bliss describes a good organizational leader like this:

1. They have a clear vision of what they intend to accomplish.

2. They have created a project and a specific plan for its attainment.

3. They are self-motivated by their vision and maintain their own enthusiasm,
persistence, attitude, and most importantly, their actions.

4. They produce their intended results.

Until you have someone who meets these four criteria, you do not have a leader.

As Richard puts it, “You have a nice person who works hard and wants very much
to be successful. You may even have someone who will do everything you ask.
However, until they consistently produce from their own motivation, they cannot be
counted on for leadership.”

If you want to predict and rely on a monthly residual check then build leaders. Don’t
focus on comp plan titles. If you do, you will have a hard time sustaining your income.

Leadership growth is the single most important factor to building long term success
in Network Marketing. Build into yourself the above criteria and you will become
and attract powerful leaders into your organization.

Leadership and relationships are the glue that holds it all together.

So, can YOU be counted on for leadership in your organization?


To Your Success!

Paula McKinney

Paula McKinney


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