What to Say to MLM Leads

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Here are some quick tips on what to say if you are buying MLM leads for your business.


Before you pick up the phone, know what outcome you want from the conversation.



If you are calling MLM leads they are probably “cold”.  That means these are people who don’t know you, like you, or trust you yet.



With these type of cold market leads, your first conversation will not be to sign them up into your business.  Your goal is to interview them.  You are sorting and sifting and seeing who is open to taking a look at what you have to offer.  That’s it.


I have come to really enjoy working with MLM leads.  But, it wasn’t like that in the beginning.


I would totally sabotage the phone call before it even started.  I would convince myself that I was bugging these people and that no one was ever going to listen to me.



I worked through the fear by simply making the calls.  And, that’s the only way you are going to do it, too.


You might be thinking, why would I waste my time on MLM leads?


Here’s why…


When you start building an online business, generating leads takes time.  Sometimes weeks or months.  Who are you going to talk to about your business in the meantime?


You have to use another source whether it’s your local warm market, networking events, or buying leads.  I decided that I would master the art of talking to MLM leads.



How To Interview MLM Leads




When calling these leads, have some interview questions in front of you.   Approach the call like you are being introduced to a new friend who you want to help.


When they answer introduce yourself and let them know why you are calling.  Below is a great one-liner to get the conversation going:


“Hi  (Name)?”   Hi, this is (Name). You requested more information about working with our company, are you still open and looking?”


They will either say yes or no.  If they say no, then say “ok, no problem, have a nice day.”  If they say yes, then say “great!, did you get a chance to review the information I sent you through email?”   If they say yes then ask them if they have any questions about the company.  If no then say “no problem I’ll send that to you again.”


Then, go right into interview mode without skipping a beat.  Say “So, what are you looking for exactly?”  and then just listen.  Most will open up and tell you, some will still be a little skeptical and want to know more about you or the company.  Whatever you do, don’t go into sales mode and give a long presentation about the incredible benefits of what you are selling and how much they need it.  They WILL hang up on you.


Simple ask them, “have you ever heard about a company called _______”?    This is a great question to see how much they know about your company.
If they want to know a little more, prepare a short 2-3 sentence overview of the company.  This is not where you are going to tell them the entire story of you and your company.   Let the tools do that for you.


Here are some great interview questions when talking to MLM leads:


1.  What has changed recently that has you open to a home based business?

2.  Have you ever owned your own business?

3.  Ask about their family. Be sincere.  If a local lead you probably have something in common.  Find what that is.

4.  How much are you looking to make every month from home?

5. When are you looking to start your home based business?



Give yourself time to learn this method of prospecting. The only way I got over my fear was by doing it over and over.


Remember, the first phone call is simply qualifying the lead.  Are they open or closed?


Have a five minute conversation to get to know exactly what they are looking for and then give them a homework assignment like watching a video or an overview call about your company.


Ask them when they are going to (listen to the overview, watch the video, or whatever) and make a follow up appointment in a day or two to answer their questions and see if it’s a fit.


Don’t be emotionally attached to the outcome.  Just keep this type of prospecting in your weekly action plan and you will see results!

Don’t forget to grab my Prospect Tracker and Interview Checklist.  This is a great system
to use with MLM leads!  Just opt in at the top of the page if you are on your desktop
computer and scroll down below if on your mobile device.  Happy Prospecting!


To Your Success!

Paula McKinney


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4 thoughts

  1. Great information! I have been around the network marketing industry for over 20 years some were a success and of course some were not. I finally found one that drives my passion. Again thanks for your commuication I really enjoyed it.

  2. Curious…. in you ‘script’ you mention sending an email before the initial call. What do you include in this? What system do you use to send these out?

    1. I use a gmail account for purchased leads and send them a short message about who I am and if they are still open to an opportunity. I get the conversation started and build rapport. I let them know I will try and connect by phone to see if we are a fit. I don’t sell them in the email. I hope that helps!

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