The Money is in the List

Paula McKinneyIn Network Marketing your list is your life!


It’s the greatest asset in your business.


When I start a new distributor off to a fast start we focus on the company training and contacting their list.


It’s important to know if you aren’t willing to start building a list then you have no business.


At least notify those who know you, like you, and trust you, and let them know about your product or service and see if they are even open to a side income.


One of the biggest set backs for new network marketers if running out of people to talk to.  You will never run through the numbers that you need if you just use your friends and family.  It’s a slow and painful way to build your home based business.


You have to be adding to that list EVERYDAY.


Always keep a notepad as you encounter people or think of someone who could use what you have.  And, don’t be afraid to ask successful professionals you know if they are open to a second stream of income.


I was that professional!  I had just started a new job when my doctor and friend asked
me to take a look at her opportunity.  I was very open and she was a little surprised!
I had a family and I wanted more freedom and residual income.


If she had prejudged me and wrote her own script of what I would say, I would have never joined her team.


Her job was only to expose me to the business – it was my job to decide.


I’ve come along way since I first started.
I have learned how to generate leads online through ads or people who find my blog, but I still to this day use leads that I purchased.



I have also learned not to worry too much where a lead came from.  Bottom line, that phone number has a human being at the other end.  Master the art of communicating and qualifying your leads and it won’t matter where it came from!


Of course, we all want to generate highly, qualified leads that know who we are first and call us.  But, if you’re just starting out, you just won’t have enough leads yet.  Don’t be afraid of the other type of leads!



My morning starts with my list.
I collect my leads from my online marketing that have come in, from the people I have thought of in my life, and if my list isn’t big enough for that day I don’t hesitate to get a list of paid leads.  I always know at the beginning of the day who is on my list to call.


And, that list goes with me wherever I go.  If I’m sitting at my son’s basketball practices I’ll grab my list and make a few calls.  I use those pockets of down time that I have to connect with someone on my list.


I used to be one of those people who would be constantly checking my email and refreshing my back office to see if I got any sales.  I hid behind “busy work” and was not committed to the income generating daily activities like making a list and  picking up the phone to expose new people to my business.



Don’t make that mistake.  Take the fast track to success and dive in to the daily prospecting that will drive your business!



Make your list (where ever those names come from) and keep adding to it daily.  Then pick up the phone!


And, don’t forget to grab my free Prospect Tracker and Interview Checklist to help
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and I’ll sent it right to your inbox.



With every call you make you are one step closer to fulfilling your dreams!


Happy Prospecting!


To Your Success,

Paula McKinney

Paula McKinney

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