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Paula McKinneyMost people throughout their life will be exposed to various opportunities, ideas, franchises, and home based businesses with the “potential” to change their life in ways that their current job or business will never give them.

I’m sure you have heard those stories about people getting in “on the ground floor” of a company with a great product line and earned a fortune. And I’m sure you, like most of us, have dreamed about what your life would be like if you could actually find the right thing at the right time.

If you are here reading this message it’s because you are an action person who has the potential to take the dreaming a bit further. Maybe you have been investigating what is out there and how you can take part in it.

Maybe you have already spent money and time searching for something that could help you succeed. What is it that you want in terms of profit and fun in your business?

Do you want to combine High Tech (the best of online methods) and High Touch (Using the phone and offline methods) to create right now money for you and your new representative?

If you are exploring the ways of working with me in a primary business, get ready to have Fun and make money.  $500 a month? $1000? $10,000 or more?  It can be done with a simple service and a simple concept.

I have a “teacher’s heart” and want to share this passion of using high tech and high touch to create a successful business.

Here are some things people are tired of in Direct Sales, Network Marketing and Home Based Businesses:

  • Overpriced Juice and Vitamin Deals where there is very little retail profits.
  • Large $200-$400 monthly autoships.
  • A garage full of left over product.
  • People dropping out due to low right now money.
  • Hype from “Downline Builder Systems” that promise the moon but underdeliver.
  • Way to much hype created by fear of loss

On my home business journey I have learned that to be really successful, you must have a business where –

  • People can earn money at the very beginning by taking action
  • People are making money AND having fun
  • A monthly membership that won’t break the family budget
  • A business model  already in place to create success
  • A great service that consumers need
  • it’s not a  “wholesale buying club” where the only people buying and using the service are company distributors who must do so to earn a paycheck

How about starting a business right from your home using the Internet?  There are no home parties, and no products to purchase and resell. I got involved with this company because of the great residual income potential that is offered and the incredible service that people really need and want.

If you are tired of the noise and hype that has been associated with MLM or Network Marketing and want a company and service that you can really get behind, like I did, then I’d like to show you more.

Requesting an interview does not buy you a long phone conversation that tries to hard sell you into my business.  I am not here to convince anyone, I might in fact talk you out of a partnership if I think it’s not a right fit. This opportunity is simple, fresh, and exciting and I think you are going to like what you see.  Fill in the form below and let’s get some information in your hands!

Please do not use this form to pitch your opportunity to me.  




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