How to Get More Network Marketing Sign Ups


A few of my "whys" for picking up the phone.
A few of my “whys” for picking up the phone.

#1 Mistake of Network Marketers


Not picking up the phone.  This simple yet most avoided act is the very thing that keeps networkers from getting any sign ups.
Here’s how it usually goes:


Network marketer Ann gets a lead, sends a link by email, and then says, “These leads stink!  I sent them an email and they never respond, never click my links, and never call me!”


If Ann is asked, “Did you call them?”, she would respond like 90% of every other networker.. “No, I didn’t why would I do that?”


What if a simple two minute phone call could transform your network marketing success?


If building relationships are not your thing then this business may not be right for you.


In this day of the Internet, we are hungry for “systems” that “automate” our business
making us more efficient and moving us furthur away from the phone.  Most avoid it
altogether out of fear or laziness.


For whatever reason most prospects are never called.   They are drowning in emails, videos, and CD’s when all they really want is a real person to hear their needs.


Think about it.  80% of emails are never opened.  And, prospects are probably getting other emails about other opportunities every single day.


Think like your prospect.  They are surfing the web looking for a home based business, requesting as much information as they can so they can make an informed descision.


They see opportunity after opportunity, all of which are claiming they are the BEST
and are going to make them rich.


It’s no wonder prospects are defensive, confused, and indecisive.  Too many options and not enough relationship building.


No matter how good your network marketing online presentation is, it’s not enough.
If you’re relying on technology to build you a lasting residual income from a team
of loyal distributors then your kidding yourself.


You will stand out to your prospect if you pick up the phone because most networkers
don’t do this!


Get your prospect’s attention by leaving a compelling voicemail.


Be conversational not in sales mode.  Keep it short, simple, and be REAL.
Tell them you are going to send them an email with some information about the company.
Ask them to review it first and call you back with questions in hand if it’s something
they are even open to. Talk slow, clear, and with a little enthusiasm.


A few months ago, I called a prospect.  She knew nothing about me or my company.
Within a few minutes of our conversation, she was thanking me for calling!
This poor prospect had been on the Internet searching for months.  She
had opted into dozens of offers for home based businesses and I was the
first person to actually pick up the phone and call her!


Prospects are hungry for change.  They are looking for a real person in an online
sea of opportunities.  YOU can make a difference in their life!  Connect by listening, expose your business through tools, follow up and collect a decision.

Rinse and repeat.


If you commit this daily practice to your long term business strategy, you will get
new sign ups, I promise!


To Your Success!

Paula McKinney

Paula McKinneyPS: If you are happy in a business, that’s great!  If you are looking for the right online business and mentor, I would love to share what I’m doing with you. Click here and let’s explore the possibilities

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4 thoughts

  1. Hi Paula,
    We recently connected on LinkedIn and after reading your profile I wanted to stop by to learn more about what you are working on.

    Great blog BTW. I agree with you 100%, following up is the key to success in network marketing. Not just with an email auto-responder either, like you said, 80% are never opened.

    Along with “phone fear” I think a larger problem is most people don’t understand the importance of Positioning and Posture and have no clear plan of how or what to say once they get a new prospect on the phone. Once I learned the power of posture and positioning, picking up the phone was easy.

    To be successful we must do what most people aren’t willing to do. Thanks for the great article.

    1. Oh man Richard you nailed it! And thanks for the compliment! It is all mindset and definitely something I had to change in the beginning, just like most people who start a network marketing business and have never been in business before, but thank goodness it can be learned and conquered.

      Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  2. Before a new recruit ever feels comfortable doing any task in network marketing, they first have to know who they are. If their first introduction to a business opportunity is through a prospective sponsor who burys them in info about product, pay plan, earnings potential bla, bla, bla, they will turn tail and run. Unfortunately, that is the common approach, both verbally and via printed media. In our group, a new person is ALWAYS a director in training. They are the dr’s receptionist setting the appointment and moving the patient along to the appointment. I’ve been in N/W marketing for 30+ years, and my role to a prospective affiliate is always “Director in Training.” Once a new prospect see how easy the introduction is handled, they say to themselves, “Hey, that doesn’t look too hard, I think I could do that.” At that point, a new affiliate is now a mere formality of filling out the enrollment form.

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