Network Marketing – What It Takes To Make A Difference.

WARNING! You may not want to read this!  Straight talk just ahead…

How do you get from a place of debt, no success, and complete frustration to a place of financial freedom, time freedom, and finally some peace with your network marketing business?

Waking up every morning with dreams written down but no action plan is dangerous.  Everyday that you operate out of just hoping your dreams will come true, will get you closer and closer to failure.

How much of your brain power is wasted on cynicism and frustration?  How long will you continue to allow yourself to be ruled by your emotions?

People who succeed in life don’t continually wake up and say “I just don’t feel like it today.”  They don’t wait for something to happen, they engage.

As with anything in life, if you are going to succeed, you have to decide on a daily basis that there is nothing too big to overcome.

So what’s your excuse?

Here were my two biggies when I first started:   “I don’t have the money” and, “I don’t have the time”.

Then, I got a good kick in the pants.   Everybody has time.  What is eating up your time?   You may have to find your discipline and turn off the TV.  You may need to sacrifice the tee time, and dining out, and WORK!  Work is the only way you are going to turn that dream into reality.

When you work a full time job – come home spend a few hours with the kids, don’t stop to play Mafia Wars and get to work!  (Besides, it’s more fun than Mafia Wars!) You may be home full time serving your family.  Carve out some time to dedicate and commit to your business.

Do you really want it?  Do you have the drive to make it happen?  Most people don’t.  But the ones who have the patience and the passion to grind at it on a daily basis will see amazing results that will transform you and your future.  You will never be the same. Your business will never be the same.

Filtering out the negative noise and only allowing the positive to rule your thoughts and actions will create this tenacity that can make you unstoppable.

Stop doing the same thing that is creating the same bad results.  Telling yourself everyday that it’s just not going to happen for you, well… will keep it from happening to you.

Wake up tomorrow and say something different to yourself that will create actions that create results that you have only been dreaming about.

Need to learn a new skill using the Internet, but, are completely overwhelmed and scared?  Overcome it.  Get a coach. Make it happen.  Push through it and get it done.  It’s better than day after day saying to yourself I wish I could learn new marketing skills, or I wish I could communicate better to prospects, or I wish I could sell more of my product.

Don’t wish.  Do. Figure out why your not, and do the opposite.  Start creating a daily action plan (aka – a business model) and do it.  Do the stuff you like and the stuff you hate, just do it.

Working your business and dedicating time and resources is THE ONLY WAY.  Stop kidding yourself – don’t waste one more day in failure.  Just quit and go back to relying on your boss to give you what you need and want, and that is ok!  But, if that’s not working for you then you need to change something…today.

Don’t have the funds to start, sell something.  Don’t have the time, take control of your calendar.  Position yourself to succeed.

I have been in this failure place with my business and it’s not pretty.

In the words of Jim Rohn, “I found it easier to get rich than I did to make excuses.”  Your “rich” might be many things.  “Rich” with enough money to keep your children out of daycare, “rich” in time freedom to take care of those you love, or, “rich” in happiness with your home based business.

What do you need to change today, to make a difference tomorrow?


To Your Success!

Paula McKinney


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