Use Other’s Network Marketing Success Stories

network marketing online, network marketing business, mlm success, wahm, paula mckinney, mlm, mlm prospecting, mlm leads, work at homeIf you’re just starting out in your network marketing business you may be saying to yourself, “No one is going to listen  to me, I  haven’t made any money yet.”



This limiting belief is very common, but it don’t let it stop you from moving forward.



Begin collecting stories of others in your company. Search out people  who are having success and learn more about  what they did before network marketing.


If you know the stories and backgrounds of those successful and you have a prospect who has a similiar profession, like a teacher or doctor, you will have a story to tell that they can relate to.


Most network marketing companies have literature or websites that have success stories. Pull from these resources to help you make a connection with a potential new team member.


Paint a picture when speaking with your prospect. When they know that ordinary people are making extraordinary income and creating a life of their dreams, then it gives them hope that they can do it, too.


When prospecting, allow the company tools to tell the facts, YOU tell the stories.


Remember, facts tell stories sell!


To Your Success,

Paula McKinney


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  1. Paula,

    Great blog Paula. When we are just starting out we can use other people’s success stories. I tell everyone on my team to develop a good product story and business story of their own. Use the products and see which ones help you the most. Get off to a fast start in the business, so you have a good story to share with prospects. Facts tell and stories sell. Never forget that.


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