A Pain Free Way to Work Your 100 Person List

You know the “100 person list”.  You’ve joined your company and received the manual and there it is…

Make a list of everyone you know, make five phone calls everyday and sell them your business.  If they aren’t interested in the business sell them some juice or face cream.

YIKES!  I’m sure you have felt the pain of rejection and embarrassment from those phone calls.

Maybe you were even taught to call your 100 person list again in a month or two.

There is an epidemic in the network marketing industry that is creating way too many dead bodies in the water.

The rejection of friends and family and the ruining of reputations is the number one reason so many people quit the business or don’t even get started.

Many MLM business owners don’t want to tell any friends or family about the business until they are making money. I think that is a mistake.  Let me tell you why…

Building your list of 100, 250, or as many people you know is critical to the long term success of your business.

Think of your list of people not as prospects but a web of people who know thousands of other people.  Make your list to get them on your side.

If you were to open up an ice cream shop you would let them know, right?  You wouldn’t call them up and try to sell them ice cream on the phone, you would NOTIFY them that you are open for business.

When they are ready for ice cream they call, or come by, or tell someone else you have a nice ice cream shop.

Think of your list as a hundred people looking out for referrals for you.  Call them and tell them you are open for business and would like to know if they know anyone who might like to know about what you are offering.

Send them a postcard or e-mail notifying them of what you are offering.

When you start your business, creating a list of your resources and strengths is a good idea.

You may have brains, money for advertising, great writing skills, maybe your a good public speaker, or love to talk one on one with people.

Think of your 100 person list as one of those resources for your business.

If you don’t notify your friends and family someone else will.

It would be tragic if Aunt Sally or your best friend from high school became somebody else’s business partner only because they didn’t know you had your own business.

Below is a sample of a simple “Friends and Family Notification Letter”.  Use this letter, then follow up with a relaxed phone call asking the recipient if they received your information.

Confidently ask them, “Do you know anyone who might like to know about a business (or product, depending on your goal) like this?”  Then WAIT.  Let them think about it and allow them to answer.  Many people are afraid of the silent pause.  That’s normal, but don’t be.

Some will say no, and that’s OK.  Thank them for their time.  But, some will say “yes, I do!”  or “yes, I would!”   Don’t be attached to the outcome of the conversation.  Be relaxed and have fun.  Remember you’re not here to convince anyone to join you, or buy from you.  This is simply a way to notify and promote your new business.

Here is a sample of the Friends and Family Notification Letter.



To Your Success!


Paula McKinney

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2 thoughts

  1. Love all of your articles! I am relatively new to network marketing but trying to learn fast. We already own a company and saw this new business. I got excited about it and decided to diversify in addition to what we are already doing. My warm market has not turned out to be very warm, sooo I am attempting to figure out the cold market….


    1. Thanks Lisa, I appreciate the comment! That’s great you want to diversify. I felt the same way. I saw Network Marketing as another way to invest in my future. My best advice that I received was to be patient and consistent. Just like any other investment it takes time to build. Turning the Internet into your warm market is a worthwhile strategy to learn. Keep going, you’ll be glad you did!

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