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I’m Paula McKinney, welcome to my blog!   I am a Wife, Mom, and Network Marketing Professional who has found a passion for helping others move their business forward using the Internet as their primary tool for success.  Thanks for stopping by!   I’m curious why you are here.

Have you been searching online to find a way to help move your network marketing business forward?

Do you want to take it to the next level but only find yourself in “information overload”?

I know how you feel. I, too, wanted a simple way to find hot leads and learn how to build a network marketing business online.

Well, I have done it.  I’ve learned to leverage the power of the Internet, and found a fresh approach to an old business model.

I’ve sifted through the noise and hype to create an online presence that continuously produces business leads and customers, even when I’m not working!

I am passionate about helping you lose the frustration and put your mind at ease.

I’ve been there:

  • the hours away from my family, when all I wanted was MORE time with them.
  • the butterflies in my stomach before calling my friends to buy more of my stuff.
  • and the end of the month where I’ve spent more money than I’ve earned. Ouch.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You can create online business success using high tech and high touch methods.

I want to lead you step-by-step to create an online “home” that will help you start a business, or move your existing business forward.

If you’re like I was, stuck and frustrated with your network marketing business, then you’re going to love these tips and techniques that I’ll be sharing with you.

If you want to leverage the Internet and need more leads, building an online presence is one of the most effective ways to find people who want what you have.

I wanted to attract people who could see the potential of what a home-based network marketing business could do for a family, using the Internet and phone as my primary tools.

If you’ve just started looking for a business and are ready to work-at-home, then I am excited for you!

You may be wondering…

  • can I really build a Network Marketing Business online? Yes you can!
  • where do I start and how do I make any money? I will show you!

Using online methods can help you reach people who are really looking for what you have to offer.

People like you and me who really “see” the opportunity.

Online marketing is an exciting and lucrative way to build a network marketing business.

Getting it off the ground can be intimidating and frustrating.

With patience and persistence building an online empire and a downline of thousands who really want a business is achievable. And, very exciting!

If you have been thinking about building a network marketing business, or have been dabbling in MLM for a while, then take a look around my blog.

If you have been sponsor shopping and looking for a company that is solid and has a great service (with NO home parties, and NO products to stock) then learn more about me here – About Paula.

If you are ready to dive into online marketing and need a step-by-step instruction guide to blogging and building a list of leads that can’t wait to hear from you then fill in the form  below.


Online Network Marketing is pure leverage at it’s finest.

Attracting more leads and prospects than you can handle, won’t that be a nice change?

If you already have a business and need some training take a look around.   I have a treasure trove of resources.

If you are looking for a business and a sponsor then let’s talk and see if we are a fit… work directly with Paula McKinney.

How would it make you feel to

  • Begin your Network Marketing Business combining online and offline techniques to help you make money and maximize your time?
  • Have more prospects and customers than you can handle?
  • Read an article about YOU in a Business Success Magazine?
  • Finally, make money instead of always losing it?

If you need a sponsor and team that will encourage, teach, and train you then look at the possibilities of working with me.

Imagine doing hundreds of business presentations automatically, while you are sleeping.

Does you upline encourage you to make 5 contacts everyday?   What if you could find 50 (or more!) new contacts everyday online?   That’s the power of the Internet!


To Your Success,

Paula McKinney

Paula McKinney




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