How to Pinterest for Your Business

pinterest-300x163If you’ve grabbed your spot on Pinterest (pin your interest) and you’re open to learning a new way to market, here are two good reasons why you should be using it for your business:



1. It’s easier than Facebook


2. It has reached 10+ million users faster than any other site in Internet history!


You may be wondering if it’s worth your time to add another social media site to your daily activities.


However, marketers are finding that Pinterest is a great way to generate leads through relationships and the audience is ultra “spend friendly”.


They say it’s the first real social media site that has figured out “social commerce”.


Pinterest has created a way that businesses can communicate and monetize without
ruining the user experience. They keep it fun!


The average visitor spends more time and more money on Pinterest than any other
major website online, including Facebook, YouTube, or Amazon.


People love the pictures and the simplicity.

Paula McKinney Pinterest


Here are some tips to help you get started Pinning for Profits and have fun in the process!


1. Set a strategy – What are you trying to do? Drive traffic to your website? Build your brand? Increase sales? Pick images that fit with what your call to action is.


2. Promote Others – This is a social site so be social. Engage with the community by repinning, liking, and commenting on other pins (or images). You can also tag@ another pinner you are following.


For example: If you were at your company event and pinned a photo of you and the CEO of the company you can tag them like this #theirname under the photo. That picture then becomes searchable on Pinterest and the CEO will also know you pinned a picture of them and might just repin to all of his/her followers. That’s powerful branding!


3. If you are driving traffic to your website, offer free items such as ebooks, podcasts or a top 10 list to a pin’s description. Pins that have a call to action see an 80% increase in engagment.


4. Don’t just pin images that’s all about you. Be a giver in the community. Pin motivational and inspiring images, people love that! Give a lot of instruction and education in your area of expertise, then sprinkle your brand in the mix. Including, your profile or give aways.


5. When you’re creating your boards (a board is where you organize your pins or images by topic) place your most important ones at the top. You can move them around by clicking and dragging them.


6. Pay attention to pin placement. Place your most important pins near the middle of the top or second row of the board. These will get the most views.


Here are my Pinterest boards…


Follow me and see how I’ve placed my boards and what I have pinned. Follow your company, people, and topics that interest you and repin their images.
Start by creating 5 boards (topics) that reflect who you are. You can change the preset boards already done for you by Pinterest.


Be careful about your time on Pinterest it can be addicting. If it’s business hours for you set a timer!


Your time growing a community on Pinterest will be well spent.   Our team has even hadpeople join who found us on Pinterest!

Let’s connect on Pinterest!


Happy Pinning!


To Your Success!

Paula McKinney

Paula McKinney

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