The Power of Decision

“We can try to avoid making choices by doing nothing, but even that is a decision.” ~ Gary Collins

There is power in a truly committed decision. When I first started my business I was so wishy washy. Everyday I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing, the right business, the right marketing methods.

If was pure frustration.

It wasn’t until I made a clear decision to build with what skills I had that I started to see results. I was attracting more people into my business and sending out a very clear message. “I am going to the top, are you coming with me?”.

Prospects and friends saw it oozing from me.

The word decide is from the Latin word de cider, which means to cut from – this means we cut off any other possibility when we make a true decision.

Once you have decided and committed, tell someone. Speak it out loud to yourself and share it with someone whom you trust won’t be negative. Don’t tell everyone because you will certainly hear negative comments that you don’t want to replay over in your mind when your dreams are at their most fragile.

Internal dialogue is the most destructive enemy for anyone. When you start to hear yourself saying
“I can’t so this”, “This isn’t working fast enough”. or “I will never succeed”. Stop and be grateful.

Make a list of 5 things you’re grateful for and learn to say “I am getting better”. Celebrate your accomplishments no matter how small.



To Your Success!

Paula McKinney




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