Powerful Questions to Ask Your Network Marketing Prospects

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How to Engage Your Network Marketing Prospects and Get Them Wanting More


paula mckinney, home based business, network marketing, wahm, network marketing online, work at home, busy professionals, mlm, direct sales, freedom businessWhen I first started my network marketing business I was so scared to make those calls.   My mind would keep going to all the things I wanted and “needed” to say to my prospect.

My fears were, “am I going to remember everything about my product” and “am I going to know every answer to every question they have?”.


I was stressing myself out!  And I was definitely not enjoying the journey!

With lots of practice and lots of coaching I’m now at a place that I can’t wait to make that next call.   My curiosity about who the next person I’m going to meet fills me with excitement!

How would you like to feel that way about prospecting?  Do you want to make it a fun part of your business?


paula mckinney, home based business, network marketing, wahm, network marketing online, work at home, busy professionals, mlm, direct sales, freedom business



So how do you make it fun, engage your prospect, and leave them wanting more?

Ask great questions!

I’ve been  in situations where I was the one getting prospected.  It was painful to watch the poor distributor “work” me.    One time I was summoned to a hotel room and held prisoner for over an hour with a women talking at me instead of to me.

I left that meeting without ever saying a word.  I was never asked what I wanted or why I was looking.  It was definitely a bad experience and I was not the slightest bit open to her or her opportunity.

Asking questions gets people thinking about what they want and how they are going to get there.  It also causes them to think about how unprepared they are to fulfill their goals and dreams.

If you engage your prospect with questions it will allow them to see they really need something to help them.  It makes them open to listening to your solutions.


Questions to Open Your Call or Meeting

Once you establish your prospect is in fact open then use these following questions to engage them in the conversation:

So what are you looking for exactly?

What are your dreams and goals?

Where would you like to be in say, 3 years?

What are you doing now to get yourself there?

How do you plan on accomplishing those goals, do you have a plan?


Most of the time people have no plan.  They are frustrated with their financial life and need a solution.

Once you have LISTENED to your prospect and know what they really want…ask them this question…..

If I had something that could get you there would you be open to taking a look?

Do you see how this approach leaves them engaged and wanting more?

People need to feel heard.  They don’t want to hear how great your company and product is for the marketplace.  They need solutions and you are a solutions provider.


Here are some powerful words to help them “lean in” wanting more….

  • I’m just curious…
  • If I would you…
  • Can I ask you a simple question…
  • Do you mind if I share a little story with you…
  • Can I get your opinion on something….


You are asking your prospect permission to continue.  You will rarely ever get a no to questions like these and they keep your prospect engaged in the conversation.

Here are some examples with these phrases:

Do you mind if I ask you a simple question?  What are you currently doing to prepare for retirement?

I’m just curious…have you ever considered creating residual income?

Can you share with me how much money you would consider to be serious money on  a monthly basis?  And would that amount be worth committing 1 hour  a day for 2 years if you knew what to do?




After the “interview” your prospect will have said “yes” a number of times and will keep them open to watching your video or listening to your audio presentation.

This has  been an amazing strategy for me.   I go into the call simply to see if they are open and looking and then begin to create a relationship if we’ve never met.

If my prospect starts asking a lot of questions about the company or product I use small teasers but I never go into information overload.  That’s where I redirect the energy of the conversation back to who they are and what they want.  Once that’s  established I use tools to help explain my opportunity or product.

I hope these tips help to ease your mind about prospecting.

Interview them, inspire them, and then give them a tool to explain your opportunity or product.    Rinse and repeat!

Happy Prospecting!


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To Your Success!

Paula McKinney

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  1. So many people have a hard time with this I know I do .
    It helps me to think of it as a job interview because I get most of my prospects through classified ads that I place .
    So these questions are going to get a lot of use Thank you

  2. Hello am wyclef and iam in my frist week of networking, I have one question that is hunting me down.
    What does your business deal in?
    And your like you don’t want to talk about the products. Thank you

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