Who are the Best Prospects for your Network Marketing Business?

In Network Marketing there are two ways to make money. Business builders and customers, and you want both.


Let’s focus on the perfect business builder prospect and why you want to define and narrow down only the best.


Some of the best business partners are not the ones who “need money”.  A hot group are people who are already highly successful at what they do.


Real estate agents, doctors, attorneys, people who already own their own businesses, true professionals who are kickin it in their field.


Most of these people are awesome business partners because

they already know what it takes to be successful. They know how to network with other people, and have a Rolodex full of contacts.


You’re probably asking, “If they are already successful, then why would they need or want to hear from me?” One thing: time.


Most of these people are trading time for money.  Day in and day out, away from the people they love, chasing after the next sale, or the next deal.   If they don’t work they don’t get paid.


Providing professionals freedom with a change in lifestyle is very enticing.   Introducing them to residual income can change everything for them.  Showing them how they can get paid over and over for work they do one time, can give them the freedom that so many are looking for.


The MLM/Network Marketing business model is simple and lucrative.  There are not many professions offering both. Showing the plan, (NOT pitching) to these kinds of people, will help you grow a solid organization with better retention and less “managing”.


Already successful people know how to get the job done, are smart and savvy, and can easily “see” the potential of the Network Marketing business model.


Often, people who are making the same amount of money for 30 years are OK with that.   They are happy and content and don’t have the desire and passion to make a change.   Don’t waste your precious time on trying to convince people they need a change in their life, they have to decide that for themselves.


Can you see the difference in growing a team of people who are already successful, and those who aren’t?


There is one group of people that I have to recognize that are not always monetarily successful, but are passionate and fruitful with their daily lives.   These are the stay-at-home moms and dads that can run a busy household.


I have found stay-at-home parents are usually dedicated to a big “why”: their kids.   Starting a network marketing home business so they can continue to stay home is a perfect opportunity to use their skills and get paid.


Don’t overlook these hot prospects because they are “broke”.   I love working with these individuals and watching how a network marketing business positively impacts their family’s lives.


As you come into contact with successful people throughout the day, share with confidence about what you are doing.


Don’t pitch the details of your business opportunity, simply ask them one question, “Do you keep your options open?”


Give them a CD or website address where they can check out more information when it’s convenient for them. Confidently let them know you will call them in a few days to follow-up to see if it’s a fit for them.   Ask for a business card and be on your way.


Let your selling tools (CD’s, website, information call, etc.) do the work for you.   Don’t get caught up in trying to convince them, let them convince themselves.


Plug good candidates into a simple information system that shows the plan for you.  Do this daily and watch the results!


Sponsoring serious prospects all starts with who you are talking to about your business opportunity. Be bold and confident with successful people and watch the retention increase in your downline!

To Your Success!


Paula McKinney


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