The Real Reason Your Downline Isn’t Working

Every network marketer has business partners that sign up, excited to work the business, and play on the team. Then the music stops. They go into MLM no man’s land where they aren’t seen again or don’t show back up for months or years. So what happens? What stops people dead in their tracks just steps away from success?

Kenn Dunn, a 7 figure network marketer who has had wild success through relationship prospecting, says there are 5 Core Prospecting Beliefs. Without these beliefs your new prospect or distributor will not move forward with their business.

When Kenn has a prospect ,or new distributor that has doubts and concerns he takes them through five core prospecting beliefs to help them work through the hesitation. If you have people not working call them up and tell them you would like to help sort out exactly what is hanging them up.

5 Core Prospecting Beliefs

Step 1: It’s not that people need to believe in themselves in the beginning they just need to believe in you to help them get to where they want to be. This is not the usual first step you’ll hear, but it can make all the difference in the world. They need to trust you.

Step 2: Once they join the company you have to shift the belief in the product. Once they have a belief in you, then a belief in the product.

Step 3: Talk up the company, the corporate officers, where it’s going.

Step 4: Belief in the network marketing profession.

That translates into…

Step 5: They believe in themselves and the confidence will come.

What if I am prospecting and I don’t believe in myself? Go find someone who has the success you are looking for and work really closely with them.

What happens if you have someone on your team who is not winning? Take them through this 5 step belief system. Get their belief up, this can revive anyone in this business.



To Your Success!


 Paula McKinney

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  1. Hi Paula McKinney,
    Thanks for this information you put in this post Leadership Training Is Important In a Management Team …, it is going to be a great help. Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks Paula…..I am taking the time to read your articles….they are wonderful and helpful. As someone who loves the Network Marketing business I am delighted to see this offering…what product are you marketing? Linda

    1. Thank you Linda, you are very kind! I truly do want to help others. I struggled in the beginning and hate to see it happen to anyone else. My blog is simply a journal of what I have learned! I market for Ameriplan.

      Hope you are having a wonderful day!


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