Postcard Marketing for Solopreneurs, Networkers, Real Estate Agents and Business Owners

postcard marketing, direct marketingSo what is postcard marketing and how can direct mail explode your business and help you stand out in possibly a crowded profession like networking and real estate?

In this day and age of email marketing and so many marketers trying to find the easiest and least form of resistance marketing, wouldn’t you love to know more about a system using relationship marketing that is proven not only to work, but to duplicate and set you and your business apart?

Our team is using an effective follow up system using postcard marketing or direct mail marketing, and it works!   It is quickly becoming THE ONE and ONLY relationship marketing system used by busy professionals to make sales,  get real estate listings,  insurance clients,  car dealership sales, business coaching clients, and any business owner who need a relationship marketing system that delivers and is cost effective.

I will briefly cover how it works, why it works, and how you can learn more if you want to join the ranks of other business owners that have built a 98% referral business!

We all know follow up is key and most people buy somewhere between the 5th and 12th exposure to your business. Using postcard marketing along with calling and email will make a huge difference in your business.   And, the system duplicates easily.

Here are some great reasons to start using real, personal cards and why it works:

  • Postcards get 100% open rate
  • Emails get deleted
  • Phone calls can go unanswered and are not returned
  • These are great for cold leads to help warm them up. They can do some research on you and get to know you on their terms.
  • This allows for repetition for leads to see your business again and again.
  • It allows you to leverage your time. Imagine a postcard campaign that goes out automatically over a 12 month period. Set it and forget it!
  • It’s solidifies to your prospects that you have a real business.
  • It sets you apart from other marketers, business owners and real estate agents!
  • It’s a simple system that you can duplicate with others on your team.
  • It’s affordable even for beginners.

Our system also gives you the ability to never forget important dates like birthdays, holidays, or thank yous.   In my experience these personal, heartfelt cards are the biggest relationship marketing tools out there!

First Download the App and use code 152920….

Then watch this demo….


Ready to get started? Here is what you need to do to take full advantage of this program for YOUR business –


Invest in the Marketing Bundle Program, so you have all of the tools you need to make your business run on auto-pilot, including our “First Impressions” template campaigns, personalized handwriting and signature font, Manage Relationship Marketing training portal, with complete training on how to be successful with your clients, your Customer Relationship Management and Contact system and more!

Set up your $39 Monthly Subscription, providing you with roughly 33 cards a month, or points for sending gifts.

Add the Distributor Option, if you also want to take advantage of Multiple Streams of Income with our Referral Income Option. Get paid to refer others.

Then, let’s work together to get your database entered; your campaigns set up and your first few cards mailed out!


Do you have questions? I would love to chat with you and get those answered, and perhaps provide some ideas on how our system and Relationship Marketing will work for YOU and your business!


Share and Comment Below! Email me your thoughts, I would love to connect today!

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