How I Smacked Phone Fear in the Face

phone-fearIf you are desperate for a positive change and need your network marketing business to work, there are many skills you have to learn.  One that seems to trip most people is the phone.


So, how do you conquer phone fear?



When I came into this business,  making phone calls to leads was a huge fear for me.


But, it came down to one decision.  Was I going to let the fear keep me in my current situation, settling for mediocrity?  Or was I going to allow myself to conquer that fear so I can realize my dreams for me and my family?


I knew I didn’t want to settle.  I learned that every obstacle was training me as a leader. I embraced every obstacle and showed gratitude for the challenges.


Phone fear is very real.  I remember.  I would sweat and feel very uneasy.  I was a master at allowing any distraction to keep me from having to make a call.


What Changed For Me


Years ago, I was on a training call listening to a series about calling prospects.  The trainer said something that made all the difference in the world.


My job when calling prospects was not to bug them, or even try and make a sale.


My job was to do two things:


  1. See if you can help the prospect.
  2. Fill your pipeline. Your pipeline are all the people you have spoken to over the weeks, months, and years that did not sign up.


Approach the call like the business owner you are, and don’t be emotionally attached to the outcome.


When you’re in a restaurant and the waitress asks if you would like the chef’s special, and you say no, she doesn’t run off crying about it.  She moves on to the next table and asks again.


If you get a no on the phone, move on.   Don’t let that be a failure.  Put that prospect in your follow up folder and continue sorting and sifting.  I have had so many people come to me weeks, months, and years later who had told me no the first time, and then later they enrolled when timing was right for THEM.


Have patience with your business and your prospects.  Continue to expose your business to new people everyday.  Build your list and your success will come.


Realize that the phone call is just a friendly conversation to see if they are open.  Ask them questions about what they are looking for.  That’s it.  Then allow that prospect to make the decision themselves.  That’s not up to you.  You can only invite them to take a look.  Have no agenda, and don’t focus on the results.


Remember, you have an amazing way for them to change their life, and it’s up to them to take it.  That takes the pressure off you.


The more you call the easier it gets.  Commit to a certain time and decide you are going to do it no matter what.  Courage grows with action.


Fear is going to be there,  just don’t let it control you.


Don’t let your fear be bigger than your why!


7 Steps to Overcome Fear:


  1. Decide you are going to agree with faith or doubt.  Define your beliefs.
  2. Be 100% committed.
  3. Surround yourself with like minded people. Positive, motivated, upbeat people will help inspire you. Are you on team calls and engaged in your company’s community daily and weekly?
  4. Keep yourself moving forward in action mode. Idleness opens the door for fear. Never stop or quit.
  5. Stay involved by plugging into training that sharpens your skills.  Attend events.
  6. Practice your core skill set daily.  Generate leads, call leads, generate leads, call leads.  This is something I do every week.
  7. Make the decision to never quit.



You don’t have an option to live in fear.  You have dreams that need to happen.


What would happen if you gave in to your fears?  Visit that for a minute.  Let that motivate you to overcome your fear!


To Your Success!

Paula McKinney


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