Why Can’t I Sponsor Anyone In My Network Marketing Business?

Paula McKinney“What’s Wrong With Me? Why Can’t I Sponsor Anyone?


This is a common question asked by those when they start a Network Marketing Business.



Couple things come to mind –


– How many people are you talking to each day?  Are you “open for business” everyday? If a restaurant was only open on Sunday, don’t you think they would be missing out on profits?  Focus on at least being “open” 5 days a week and making 2 sales a day.



How do you find 2 people a day to talk to?  Keep this simple.  Usually it’s fear that makes this so hard.  People are everywhere.   There are hundreds of ways to create a list. Friends, family, online, social media, blogging, free or purchased leads.  With access to media there is just no excuse anymore.



If you see this as an obstacle, look inward and define what’s really holding you back. Fear? Doubt?  Connect with your sponsor today and let them help you work it out.  If you have a absent sponsor, keep going up. No excuses. Your million dollar business awaits you.



– How will you contact them?  What is your goal when you talk to that person for the first time about your business?  It’s not to make a sale!  It’s to qualify them, plant a seed, and expose them to your business.  I like to use third party tools like a recorded call or video. This is duplicatable.  Your only job is to get a yes, no, or maybe.  That’s it!



Do this over and over each day and follow up with them consistently.  It’s up to them to make the decision to join.



– What do you do if they are open to the business?  Know the exact next steps you will take them through.  Sometimes subconsciously we DON’T want to sign someone! I know, weird right?



Fear of success may be keeping you from asking for the sale.  That’s why it’s important to know the steps to take a new person the first 30-90 days.  Get a plan with your sponsor.



Here are a few ideas –

Association of Network Marketing Professionals Annual Event
Association of Network Marketing Professionals Annual Event


Step One – Information packet, direct mail, DVD, or online video.  A tool that will explain the opportunity for you.  The more you talk, the more your prospect will think to themselves “I can’t do that.”  Then set time for follow up to answer questions.


Step Two – Make follow up call and ASK for a decision.  Usually 1-2 days later.  If they need more info, guide them to another tool like a website, webinar, or three way call.


Step Three –  Follow up again and repeat steps above.  If the timing isn’t right, check back every 3-6 months and provide updates in case their situation changes.  It’s about the prospects timing not yours.  That’s why you have to keep exposing new people to your business everyday.  Plant seeds, water, and wait for them to sprout.  Use postcard
marketing/direct mail to leverage your follow up.



Commit to this process for a 90 day period and see what happens.  Two a day, ten a week, that’s 44 exposures a month and 130 in 90 days.  You will have the start of a REAL business and team!  Isn’t that better than inactivity and failure?



Keep it simple and consistent and repeat the process every 90 days.  Don’t stop when you get a few people started and go into management mode.  Give your team a clear plan of action and support.  Keep looking ahead and wait for your leaders to show up.



Important Secret to Success– To get to a point of 2 sales a day, you have to be talking to more than just 2 people.  I have found I have to at least make 5-10 calls to get one person to take a look.  It took me more in the beginning when I was learning how to prospect and communicate.  I know one person who made 200 presentations before she made a sale! She had to learn to communicate and she was determined.  Now, her ratios are much better and she is building a team.


This is why it’s so important to be adding to your list daily.  Without a list you have no business.  Commit to 2 hours a day to contacting people about your business or product and have at least 20 people on your list everyday. This one secret is will move you to that big team, and big income!


To Your Success!

Paula McKinney

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