Stop Begging Your MLM Prospects

beggingThere’s nothing worse than a desperate network marketer.

I did a three-way call one time with a new distributor who sounded like a desperate teenager  begging his parents to use their car.    He brought me on the call and proceeded to beg his prospect to do him a favor and join his team because he had to “make this thing work”.   He then turned to me so I could convince his friend on all the reason why this was the “best opportunity in the world!”.

There were no qualifying questions being asked and he looked like a bad car salesmen.  The whole process was just painful.

I knew the following weeks were going to be full of mindset training for my new distributor.

Mindset is simply your “state of mind” (what’s going on in your head) when your speaking with a prospect.


It seems most network marketers have to change their mindset when they enter this profession.  Good thing is, it’s simple with a little practice and new verbiage.


Next time you talk to a prospect, be aware what you’re saying to yourself.


Are you thinking, “Gee, I hope this prospect will be interested and listen to what I have to say”, or “I have to get this person to sign up!”.


If you verbalize this mindset to your prospect by asking then to do you a favor by looking at your opportunity, it becomes all about you instead of the prospect.


Why should THEY do YOU a favor??  This approach will show how desperate you are and only result in failure.  You are also telling them if they join you, they will have to learn to beg people for a sale.



Here are a few tips when talking to prospects:


  • Find out if your prospect is even open to taking a look.
  • Say to yourself. “If they qualify for my business, the’re going to be go glad they heard about my opportunity.”
  • Know that the first time you expose your business to someone they more than likely will not sign on the dotted line.  Have your follow up plan in place.


A simple way to never come across desperate is to talk to new people everyday about what you have to offer.  This way, no one prospect becomes so important that you project need or desperation.

There is a difference in arrogant confidence and graceful confidence.   One will repel and
one will attract.   Yes ,you need people to make a sale and build a team,  but building
your business with a mindset of abundance (there are people everywhere) and faith
(knowing if one person has done it you can too) is easier than begging and waiting for
your uncle, cousin, or sister to join you.
If this says something to you, let me know in the comments below and share with your team.


To Your Success!

Paula McKinney


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