The Three Major Concepts of Network Marketing

mlm, network marketing, direct sales, busy professional, wahm, paula mckinney, network marketing onlineIt doesn’t matter if you are a stay at home mom or dad, retired,  a college student, or a busy professional…adding a network marketing business to your financial portfolio just makes sense.

Overtime this business model can allow anyone to create options for themselves.  Using the residual income, assets can be purchased to diversify your finances, giving you more freedom to live how you want to live.

Educate yourself and learn the power of this tried and true business.


Let’s look at a quick  lesson on the three major concepts of MLM or Network Marketing:

1.  Time Leverage

2.  Residual Income

3.  A System of Duplication


Time Leverage

Time leveraging is simply getting paid over and over for work that you do one time. When was the last time your boss paid you again and again for work that you did once…a year ago?  Probably, never!

Think of franchising. If you purchased a McDonald’s you would pay the parent company a franchise fee once a month. They get paid over and over for work you do each and every month. Talk about time leverage!

Think of how many McDonald’s you see each and every day. The parent company certainly doesn’t run each of those businesses, but they certainly make a profit.

Time leverage in network marketing works the same way with no franchise fee!  If you start your own MLM business and put in five hours a week and then John joins you as a business partner and you teach him how to do the business five hours a week, you now have ten hours working for you but are only investing five.

Now if you and John each bring in a new partner who invest five hours a week, you will benefit from twenty hours a week and still only work five.

In network marketing we are paid to sell products and teach others how to open their own business and be successful. How many jobs have you done that give you a royalty check every month?

Residual Income

Residual income is simply that royalty check that is paid to you month after month from all those product sales and new business partners that you have helped to start their own business.

How many you teach and how much product you sell is directly related to how much income you produce. Teaching other partners to become good teachers and to market a consumable product will give you and your “downline” or partners the best possible ROI or return on your investment.

In the beginning, just like any business, an owner of a network marketing business may put in a lot of hours for little pay, but in the end reap the rewards of a few hours for a lot of pay.

Leadership is very important for producing a large organization. Many people who begin their network marketing business are not born leaders. However, great leadership is created through self education and self motivation.

Leading a large organization and continually teaching and helping those in that organization will give you a big pay out for years to come.

Duplication and Geometric Growth

This is the most exciting part of growing a business! Duplicating yourself and teaching others to do the same is a great way to grow a huge paycheck.

Here’s an example of the power of geometric growth:

Let’s say you start with a penny on the first day of the month. Now, double that penny every day and see what happens on day 31!

Day 1 – 1 cent
Day 2 – 2 cents
Day 3 – 4 cents
Day 7 – 64 cents
Day 14 – $81.92
Day 21 – $10,485.76
Day 30 – $5,368,708

Now you do the math on day 31!

Are you going to duplicate yourself like the penny in a month? NO.  Network marketing success (six figures or more) usually takes 2-5 years.

Sound too long?

When I started my MLM/Network Marketing Business I asked myself:

Where will I be five years from now if I continue to do what I am doing today?

What will my life be like?

My bank account?

My retirement?

My kid’s college fund?

And more importantly, how much time freedom will I really have in five years.?

How about You?


To Your Success!

Paula McKinney

Paula McKinneyIf you are happy in a business, that’s great!  If you are looking for the right online business and mentor, I would love to share what I’m doing with you. Click here and let’s explore the possibilities.

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